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Academic All-State Application and Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before proceeding to the nomination portal. The link to the portal is available at the bottom of this page.


The student (NOMINEE) will initiate the process from the online portal. To begin the process, the NOMINEE will create an account using his or her email address and a password.

The NOMINEE will designate individuals to submit transcripts and recommendation letters. Verification of eligibility from either the school principal or district superintendent will also be required. The NOMINEE can monitor who has complied with requests to provide information and will receive a system-generated email when a third-party request has been completed.

All third parties will receive a system-generated email requesting specific information. They will click on the link provided in the email and will not be required to create an account or to log in. Schools having trouble receiving emails can have their IT departments white list system-generated email by following this article:

Student transcripts must be uploaded in PDF format.* Other information—student essays, recommendation letters, honors & awards, etc.—must be input via text box. IF CUTTING AND PASTING FROM AN EXISTING DOCUMENT, SAVE AS PLAIN TEXT FIRST FOR BEST RESULTS.

All nominees, transcript providers and writers of recommendation letters will be required to provide an electronic signature.

The NOMINEE will receive a system-generated email when a nomination has been successfully submitted.

The NOMINEE is responsible for ensuring that all information, INCLUDING THAT REQUESTED FROM THIRD PARTIES (e.g. student transcripts, verification of eligibility and directed recommendations), is submitted via the online portal by the stated deadline. Incomplete nominations will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee and will not be considered.

*We recognize that students may have online access to their latest standardized test scores before their schools. To document an improved score, the NOMINEE will need to print the score report from the ACT/SAT website and submit it to the designated transcript provider. The transcript provider must then scan the new score report and upload it in PDF format along with the transcript.

Click here to proceed to the nomination portal.