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Nomination forms for 2016 Medal for Excellence will be available September 14.

Circle for Excellence

The past recipients of the Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Teaching and Administration and the Oklahoma Medal for Excellence in Alternative Education form the Circle for Excellence to support public school educators and serve as a resource for new award winners.

Past Medal for Excellence winners are listed below by category and award year.

Elementary Teaching
1987 Susan Edwards, Sand Springs
1988 Dr. Nancy A. O’Donnell, Perry
1989 Jen Nelson, Mustang
1990 Emily Churchill Wood, Tulsa
1991 Beverly K. Littau, Woodward
1992 Donna Combs, Shawnee
1993 Barbara Clark, Checotah
1994 Betty J.C. Wright, Oklahoma City
1995 Dolores W. Willoughby, Chickasha
1996 Betsy Zadorozny, Woodward
1997 Dr. Robert Lee Kidd III, Norman
1998 Sue Kirk, Moore
1999 Beverly McMillan, Plainview
2000 Mary Doezema, Midwest City-Del City
2001 Marsha Rogers, Ardmore
2002 Cindy Tate-Ball, Muskogee
2003 Susan J. Gabbard, Oklahoma City
2004 Ginger Mendenhall, Ponca City
2005 Dr. Evelyn Roberts, Union
2006 Janet Jolly McKenzie, Tulsa
2007 Eileta Faye Creekpaum, Tulsa
2008 Valorie Lewis, Stigler
2009 Georgie Chapuis, Muskogee
2010 Diane Reece, Bokoshe
2011 Patsy McIlvain, Woodward
2012 Teresa Potter, Moore
2013 Dr. Jill Edwards Steeley, Coweta
2014 Cheryl Tate, Lawton
2015 Beth Howard, Tulsa
2016 Randy Utt, Putnam City

Secondary Teaching
1987 Nancy B. Goodwin, Clinton
1988 Linda Powers, Ponca City
1989 Dr. Jeffrey Smith, Midwest City-Del City
1990 Susan A. Shumate, Edmond
1991 Dr. David W. Lollis, Midwest City-Del City
1992 Nicholas Kyle, Putnam City
1993 Dr. V. Pauline Hodges, Forgan
1994 Janis Cramer, Mustang
1995 Glenda B. Sullivan, Lawton
1996 Kathy Dick, Woodward
1997 Sandranel Bahan, Norman
1998 George E. Abshire, Jenks
1999 Roxy Merklin, Woodward
2000 Christine L. Sheffield, Lomega
2001 James Calaway, Lawton
2002 Marty Christopher, Woodward
2003 Ruth E. Loeffler, Norman
2004 Granger Meador, Bartlesville
2005 Deborah Cornelison, Byng
2006 Jan McClaren, Claremore
2007 Kathleen A. Blake, Edmond
2008 Sheryl Melton, Beaver
2009 Claudia Swisher, Norman
2010 Dr. Randy M. Baker, Putnam City
2011 Susie Stevens Edens, Ada
2012 Dr. Betsy Ballard, Norman
2013 John Waldron, Tulsa
2014 Donna Gradel, Broken Arrow
2015 Jason Proctor, Tahlequah
2016 Frank V. Cooper, Sand Springs

1987 DeRutha Richardson, Muskogee
1988 Dr. Nancy O’Brian, Norman
1989 Dr. Herbert Bacon, Claremore
1990 Dick Neptune, Lawton
1991 Dr. Mary L. Meritt, Stillwater
1992 Marvin W. Stokes, Byng
1993 Margaret Erling, Tulsa
1994 Dr. Lucy Smith, McAlester
1995 Dr. Henry G. Walding, Oklahoma City
1996 Dr. Cheryl A. Steele, Midwest City-Del City
1997 Dr. Judy F. Jones, Oklahoma City
1998 Maudye Jayne Winget, Muskogee
1999 Steve Shiever, Red Rock
2000 Cheryll D. Hallum, Muskogee
2001 Maxine McNeil, Oklahoma City
2002 Harriet Clark Patterson, Tulsa
2003 Jean D. Hendrickson, Oklahoma City
2004 DeAnn Davis, Oklahoma City
2005 Marilynn Kellert, Oklahoma City
2006 Dr. Ronald M. Maxfield, Oklahoma City
2007 Bobby D. Russell, Pauls Valley
2008 Steven P. Crawford, Byng
2009 Barbara Gabel, Putnam City
2010 Terry E. Davidson, Comanche
2011 Cindi Hemm, Tulsa
2012 Kathryn Turner, Fletcher
2013 Dr. Cathy Burden, Union
2014 J. Michael McClaren, Claremore
2015 Lloyd W. Snow, Sand Springs
2016 Andrea D. Rains, Stillwater

Regional University or Community College Teaching
2009 Dr. Topan K. Bhattacharya, Cameron University
2010 Audrey Schmitz, Northern Oklahoma College
2011 Dr. Wei R. Chen, University of Central Oklahoma
2012 Dr. Gladys S. Lewis, University of Central Oklahoma
2013 Ruth Askew Brelsford, Eastern Oklahoma State College
2014 Dr. Emily Dial-Driver, Rogers State University
2015 Dr. Tim Hubin, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
2016 Dr. William Caire, University of Central Oklahoma

Research University
2009 Dr. Andrew Arena Jr., Oklahoma State University
2010 Dr. David A. Sabatini, University of Oklahoma
2011 Dr. David Ray, University of Oklahoma
2012 Dr. Charles Abramson, Oklahoma State University
2013 Dr. Richard A. Bunce, Oklahoma State University
2014 Katheleen R. Guzman, University of Oklahoma
2015 Dr. Steve M. Blevins, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
2016 Dr. Garey A. Fox, Oklahoma State University

College/University Teaching
1987 Dr. Thomas J. Hill, University of Oklahoma
1988 Dr. Larry Toothaker, University of Oklahoma
1989 Dr. Stewart Ryan, University of Oklahoma
1990 Dr. Neil Purdie, Oklahoma State University
1991 Dr. Don Betz, Northeastern State University
1992 Dr. Norman Crockett, University of Oklahoma
1993 Dr. Lionel M. Raff, Oklahoma State University
1994 Dr. Leon Unger, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
1995 Dr. Richard A. Dodder, Oklahoma State University
1996 Dr. Tom Wesley Boyd, University of Oklahoma
1997 Dr. Michael A. Morrison, University of Oklahoma
1998 Dr. Gordon E. Uno, University of Oklahoma
1999 Dr. George O. Carney, Oklahoma State University
2000 Dr. George Henderson, University of Oklahoma
2001 Dr. Mark Rockley, Oklahoma State University
2002 Dr. Ingrid H. Shafer, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
2003 Dr. K. Darrell Berlin, Oklahoma State University
2004 Dr. Ronald J. Tyrl, Oklahoma State University
2005 Dr. Kenneth E. Case, Oklahoma State University
2006 Dr. J. Rufus Fears, University of Oklahoma
2007 Dr. James Breckenridge, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
2008 Dr. James J. Yoch Jr., University of Oklahoma

Alternative Education
1990 McAlester Achievement Action Program
1991 Muskogee Alternative Public School
1992 Moore Public Schools Project S.T.A.Y.
1993 Claremore Public Schools Alternative Learning Center
1994 Creek County Alternative High School, Sapulpa
1995 Street School, Tulsa
1996 Ardmore Communities in Schools
1997 Lincoln Alternative Academy, Stillwater
1998 Lincoln Alternative School, Enid
1999 Attucks Alternative Academy, Vinita
2000 Cleveland County Interlocal Cooperative, Norman
2001 Francis Tuttle’s Project HOPE, Oklahoma City
2002 The Margaret Hudson Program, Inc., Tulsa
2003 Union Alternative School, Union
2004 Broken Arrow Alternative Academy
2005 VISTA Academy, Moore
2006 Putnam City Academy, Warr Acres
2007 Emerson High School, Oklahoma City
2008 Choctaw Alternative Transitional School, Choctaw
2009 Street School, Tulsa

Local Education Foundations
2000 Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation
2001 Claremore Public Schools Foundation
2002 Duncan Public Schools Foundation
2003 Stillwater Public Education Foundation
2004 Sand Springs Education Foundation
2005 Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation