Local Education Foundation Outreach

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Local Education Foundation Outreach
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Local Education Foundation Outreach

Through its outreach services to local education foundations (LEFs), the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence has helped build one of the nation’s largest and most effective networks of public school foundations, with more than 220 established to date. Together, these citizen-led nonprofits have raised millions of dollars to promote academic excellence in their districts and have encouraged community involvement in their local schools.

Helping to strengthen this grassroots movement, the Foundation for Excellence provides free training, resources and networking opportunities for new and established public school foundations. Among its services, OFE offers the annual Fall Forum and regional training events, board member retreats, the LEF Leader newsletter and online resources.

The foundation also presents $1,000 Outstanding Program Awards, annually recognizing innovative programs sponsored or administered by public school foundations.

"If your district does not currently benefit from the support of a local education foundation, I encourage you to contact the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence to learn how you can start a foundation in your community,” said David L. Boren, founder of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence.