Outstanding Program Awards For Local Education Foundations

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Read about our 2017 Program Award winners.

Outstanding Program Awards For Local Education Foundations

The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence annually presents one or more Outstanding Program Awards to recognize innovative programs sponsored or administered by local education foundations in Oklahoma. Trophies and monetary awards of $1,000 each will be presented at the Fall Forum for Local Education Foundations in October. 

Recognized programs may include but are not limited to: mentoring, arts integration, student leadership development, curriculum enhancement, student scholarships, professional development for teachers, public relations and fundraising. Nominations for recognition may come from any member of a community served by the foundation or from anyone knowledgeable about the foundation, including its board members. Nominators may nominate only one program for recognition.

The selection of the winners for the Outstanding Program Awards will be based on the following information:

  • Description of Program: How does the program work; whom does it serve; how is it administered?
  • Objective of Program: What are the goals of the program?
  • Evaluation of Program: How has program been successful; what was accomplished; how has it helped encourage academic excellence in the district?

The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging academic excellence in Oklahoma’s public schools. Among its many programs, the foundation provides free training and resources to new and established local education foundations across the state.

For more information, contact Donna Alexander, director of Local Education Outreach, at (405) 834-9049 or email dalexander@ofe.org.