Local Education Foundation Outreach

Great Grant Ideas:
1995 Fall Forum Publication

Great grant ideas from great teachers submitted by the
1995 Fall Forum Steering Committee.

NOTE: The following are actual grant requests that were submitted to Oklahoma local education foundations.

Ada Public Schools

Raku Pottery
Budget Request: $399.82

Fourth grade students will measure and mix clay, hand-construct two or three ceramic pieces, assemble a kiln, and fire their pottery using the Raku process. The Raku process will require the student's pieces to be removed glowing hot from the kiln with tongs and placed in dry leaves. The burning leaves around the pottery will produce very exciting and distinct effects to the ceramic glazes. Follow-up activities will focus on Japanese art history. The students will learn how the Raku process could have originated, along with its purpose in Japanese culture.

Native American History
Budget Request: $160.00

Because our students have a limited knowledge of Native American history, they are unaware of the untapped sources of information available in Pontotoc County. During this unit of study, a Chickasaw language specialist will present a week long study of the Chickasaw tribe and its language. Students will discuss the history of the Chickasaw people and will be taught beginning Chickasaw language skills. The unit will culminate with a trip to Fittstown, where students will study Native American lore and do bead work and feather crafts.

Battle Box
Budget Request: $44.68

I would like to create a battle box to help my students see how battles are staged. Their understanding of wars is very limited. The want to know who won and who lost and little else. By recreating battle scenes throughout history, they can see the progression of military capabilities as well as different strategies utilized in various situations. The effect of environment and climate can also be analyzed. Students will use toy soldiers, dirt, cat litter, tanks, etc. to recreate battles. They will use their imagination to create and provide other realistic touches. All attempts will be made to be as historically accurate as possible. Lecturing on battles is effective only if all learners are good abstract thinkers. The box would allow them a concrete picture of a very abstract idea. Researching the battles will improve their library skills, reasoning abilities, and their ability to work in a group.

Downtown Tour Guide
Budget Request: $400.00

Elementary grade Individual Learning Opportunities students will develop a self-guided walking tour of historic buildings in the downtown Ada area. All of the ILO students will be involved in researching the history of various points of interest in Ada and in the determination of the actual tour route. The 4th and 5th grade students will then design a brochure which briefly details characteristics and interesting anecdotes about each building featured on the tour. All students will be trained to serve as tour guides for class field trips in May.

Building the Globe Theater
Budget Request: $179.98

In conjunction with the model building unit studied in the Cooperative Vocational Education Teacher and the Romeo and Juliet unit studied in freshman English, CVET students will build a model of the Globe Theater. Students will research the English theater, draw plans, and actually build the model. The CVET students will also study a version of Romeo and Juliet that is written at the appropriate grade level for them. When the model of the Globe Theater is finished, the students will make presentations to the freshman English classes. Through this project, these students will gain self-esteem while increasing reading skills and an appreciation of one of Shakespeare's plays. Students will also gain model building skills that can be used in vocational application.

Archaeological Dig
Budget Request: $370.40

Students will incorporate social studies, math, language arts, and science skills while performing an archaeological dig on the school playground. In preparation for the dig, books will be read to the students introducing this subject. Students will then discuss different jobs archaeologists perform, and apply for positions of interest. Teams of 5 and 6 students will calculate the surface area of the dig site and divide it into grid areas. They will draw a site map and place lines to represent the rope grids. Students will use the maps to plot the locations of artifacts as they are found. They will measure the mass of the objects to find the metric measurement for weight. They will use latitude and longitude to locate important archaeological sites around the world. Students will keep a journal of their experiences and discoveries. They will design posters illustrating the archaeological dig process. To conclude our study, the student will reconstruct a simulated dig in the classroom.

"Let's Rock" Geology Unit
Budget Request: $199.45

"Let's Rock" is a project to observe and classify different types of rocks. The study will allow students to use basic geology concepts to study the properties of rocks as well as math when we study weight and measurements of the various rock formations. Geography will be taught as we study rocks from the Ada area and rocks from other parts of the United States supplied by Dr. William Lyons who is affiliated with the Robert S. Kerr Research Lab. The Ada Rock and Fossil Club will also assist this teaching project as they provide the students with rocks they discover in their "digs" in the area. This community involvement not only assists teachers in the classroom, but tells the students they are important to members of their community.

"Critter Lab"
Budget Request: $537.50

This "hands on" project would allow elementary teachers in our system to utilize the collection of animals available to them through the sixth grade science program at middle school. Teachers would have the opportunity to "check out" an animal from the critter lab to incorporate into a teaching unit. The seventh grade ILO students would become "animal experts" by researching and composing a presentation for the elementary teachers when they deliver the animals to the classroom. The students would also present to the teacher a learning activities packet that would include a story or book about the animal, supplies for caring for the animal, poster or pictures, special instructions, and any other extension activities we could obtain.

LEGO/Logo System
Budget Request: $795.50

LEGO/Logo is a computer-based system that offers a new approach to elementary science education. LEGO/Logo places engineering and design activities at the center of the science curriculum. Using the system, students build machines (robotics) out of LEGO building pieces (including gears, motors, and sensors), connect the machines to a computer, then write computer programs in Logo to control the machines. These activities can provide a more meaningful and motivating context for learning tradition science-curriculum concepts while also introducing elementary school students to important engineering and design concepts that are rarely addressed in today's curricula.

Shakespearean Feast and Presentation
Budget Request: $532.00

In conjunction with the Julius Caesar unit studied by sophomore English students, the bachelor living class of the practical arts department will research, prepare, and serve a feast similar to one served in ancient Rome. Following the feast, the drama class will present the play Julius Caesar. This project would allow drama students to experience the actual presentation of a Shakespearean show. Students would have the opportunity to try out for and to perform in full costume. The students will discover that Shakespeare, as a colleague said, "was not of an age, but for all time."

Cookbook Writing and Marketing
Budget Request: $845.13

The Honors English II students and the marketing education students will create and market a biographical cookbook, featuring biographies and favorite recipes of renowned restaurateurs and chefs of Ada. This writing assignment should strengthen expository, narrative, and descriptive writing skills while imparting a sense of the rich history of Ada and the diversity of its people. The marketing education students will price the product, establish distributors, develop a promotional plan, and complete financial records for the product. Producing and marketing this nostalgic cookbook should provide all students a meaningful foray into both business and literary production.

Ardmore Public Schools

Alphabetic Phonics Training
Budget Request: $2500.00

The Alphabetic Phonics program provides instruction in everything children need to know about the English language. Alphabetic Phonics is a multisensory language program that takes students through small, logical, sequential steps from the known to the unknown. It structures the thinking process and activates the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities in learning. We believe all teachers should do their best to accommodate as many learning styles as possible, and through the implementation of Alphabetic Phonics we can achieve this goal. We are requesting funding for tuition costs in order to complete our training in the Alphabetic phonics teacher training program. The tuition cost per person is $1000. We are requesting $500 per person to help defray tuition costs.

Living in the Real World
Budget Request: $400.00

This economic project will allow the students to see what living in the real world is like. They will learn how to count money and make change, see where our tax money goes, and learn that nothing in life is free. They will learn how to work within a group and learn that when laws are broken that consequences must be faced. They will learn how to make a profit by starting their own business.

Graphing Calculators
Budget Request: $413.05

Experiments will be used to help bring the "real" world into the algebra and geometry classroom. Students will construct models of the "real" world using linear and nonlinear functions. Some of the experiments will require the use of graphing calculators. We do have an overhead graphing calculator, but it would really help if we had some that the students could use individually or in small groups.

"Perfect Timing"
Budget Request: $100.00

"Perfect Timing" will consist of daily one-minute timings to increase mastery of multiplication facts. Mastery is put on a chart so the students can see daily improvement. The facet of the project encourages students to try to better their own scores. Teams are also formed for classroom peer competition.

Egg Hatching
Budget Request: $307.72

By hatching eggs in the classroom, children can observe the miraculous beginnings of life --every step! What better way to learn about life cycles than caring for the eggs before they hatch? Students learn about turning them, counting the days until they hatch, and finally watching in amazement as the chicks peck their way out of the eggs.

Videodisc System
Budget Request: $2090.64

Technology is moving so quickly that it seems almost impossible to keep our students on the "cutting edge", especially in science. Still pictures, film strips, and even prepared microscope slides can no longer serve our students like the action and excitement of a videodisc player. A videodisc player and starter library would provide our students with yet another approach to learning about astronomy, archaeology, biology, physics, and all of the other areas of science that are studied during their two years of science exploration at Ardmore Middle School.

Edmond Public Schools

Advanced Placement English
Budget Request: $475.00

An intensive study of the methods, techniques, and curriculum necessary to build and conduct a successful Advanced Placement English program.

Writing Instruction
Budget Request: $7900.00

A three-week institute which trained teachers in specific and substantive ways to improve the quality of writing instruction in grades K - 12.

Mathematics Technology
Budget Request: $550.00

Training in the use of the newest technology in the field of mathematics.

Foreign Language:
Spanish "Soap Opera"
Budget Request: $1102.00

Spanish television "soap opera" episodes for foreign language study.

American History Families
Budget Request: $202.00

Students are cast into roles on the first day of school, then proceed to follow their "family" through the story of American history.

Exploring Math
Budget Request: $470.00

Families are invited to come to school at night to explore math.

Mathematics Accessories
Budget Request: $2400.00

TI-82 calculators, ViewScreens, accessories, and computer software for mathematics classrooms.

Software for Special Needs Students
Budget Request: $6760.00

A scanner, Optical Character Recognition software and an audio synthesizer convert printed material to audio tapes for use by special needs students.

Legos and Computers
Budget Request: $943.00

This is a combination of math, science, and technology through the use of Legos and a computer.

Edmond Aerial Maps
Budget Request: $200.00

Aerial maps of Edmond for numerous math and science activities.

Videotaping Students
Budget Request: $514.00

Videotaping speech and drama students to assist them in self-evaluation.

The Profile Approach to Writing
Budget Request: $350.00

The Profile Approach to Writing evaluation form gives the instructor a tool to use in holistic/analytic writing diagnosis.

El Reno Public Schools

Oklahoma's Native American Heritage Through Art
Budget Request: $1000.00

The purpose of our project is to provide a study of our state's heritage through Native American art. There's a real need to tell children about El Reno's Native American culture. Many of El Reno's students know nothing about the Native Americans of our town. There are also many Native American children who know nothing about their own heritage. We will achieve this cultural project through the "Artists in Residence Program." Artists in Residence is provided through the Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education We will study art through storytelling, design and color, history, customs, and bead work. We believe strongly in integrating the study of art throughout the curriculum.

Artist-In-Residence Program
Budget Request: $728.00

The Artist-in-Residence program, through the State Arts Council of Oklahoma, provides students with an opportunity to work closely with professional artists. I would like to bring Albert Bostock, Jr. to our school for a two -week residency. Mr. Bostock is an actor, dancer, storyteller, playwrite, and visual artist. Many of our students have limited backgrounds and bring very few prior experiences into the classroom. Their exposure to the arts and artists is often nil. Our school has many ethnic backgrounds. Mr. Bostock has said, "Motivation and self-esteem begin in children when each is taught to recognize and value his/her own ethnic heritage, and then develops a respect for those heritages." I believe someone with such a caring attitude could make a very positive impression on our students. The understanding and appreciation of oneself can build self-esteem. Self-esteem keeps kids in school. I would like to give the students of our school this unique opportunity.

Ethnic Folk Music and Storytelling
Budget Request: $680.00

Mr. Jahruba Lambeth institutes a program of ethnic/folk music and storytelling. Mr. Lambeth has been a professional musician for over fifteen years. To promote involvement, Mr. Lambeth's program incorporates an array of instruments including conga drums, bongo drums, talking drums, timbale drums, and a variety of other instruments. With the assistance of the El Reno Public School Foundation, Grants for Teachers Program, the children will be introduced to a diversity of cultural experiences. The goal of the elementary principals in this district is to not only work to meet the multi-cultural awareness needs of our students, but also to use this residency for curriculum integration and have our students actively participate in this residency. This residency will also allow our district to meet some of the criteria in H.B. 1017 which mandates art education and cultural awareness in our schools.

Literature and Critical Thinking
Budget Request: $546.68

The purpose of this project is to encourage reading and interpreting a whole book, promote critical thinking, and skill building through story starters, puzzles, art projects games, and creative writing. We will use distinguished children's literature and Literature and Critical Thinking books as the vehicle. The activities are based on Bloom's Taxonomy in the Cognitive Domain and will expand the children's knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels. We will work in groups of three with every group of three using a different book. Many children read only the Babysitter's Club series or Choose Your Own Adventure books. I strongly believe that if children are given the opportunity to read quality literature, they will acquire a taste for it. In addition, by having three people in a group, they will be able to share thoughts and ideas. Each group will share the book they read and thus, promote interest in all the available books.

Shakespeare: Alive and Vital
Budget Request: $750.00

The literature of William Shakespeare is a major component of the senior English curriculum. Elizabethan English is difficult to read and to understand, but it is worth the effort. However, today's students have problems "connecting' with it. Part of the problem is the result of the fact that, ideally, Shakespeare should be performed rather than read. The proposal would involve contracting with the widely acclaimed "Shakespeare in the Park" theater company in Edmond to have a team of two actors-in-residence spend one week at El Reno High School, working with senior English classes in small groups. The team would teach, entertain, inspire, and motivate the students to realize that Shakespeare is alive and vital, and that the elements of his poetry and drama really do have significance and relevance for any age or time period. As a culminating activity, the troupe would perform a production of a series of brief selections from some of Shakespeare's plays for a combined audience of all high school seniors. During the week, the actors would be at the disposal of EHS senior English teachers. They could perform cuttings from plays and poetry in individual classes, they could help students to better understand the vocabulary and grammar of Elizabethan English, and they could provide a context for an enhanced appreciation of Shakespeare as a writer and of drama and poetry as literary art forms. Most of the requested funds would be used to pay the contract expenses of the artists-in-residence. In addition, we are requesting a small amount to use for taking pictures during the week and for miscellaneous costs which could include providing programs for the performance, etc.

Hennessey Public Schools

GeoSafari: Learn about Our World
Budget Request: $90.00

The money will be used to purchase a GeoSafari. This will give students the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge about the world and build their vocabulary.

Home Economics:
Cooking Techniques by Video
Budget Request: $256.45

In my classroom at some point in time we go into the lab to cook. I would like to purchase some videos that show cooking techniques and safety measures and precautions that need to be taken.

Apple Color One Scanner
Budget Request: $900.00

This grant is to purchase an Apple Color One Scanner to be used by the newspaper and yearbook classes. The scanner will be used to publish a weekly newspaper called The Eagle Scanner.

Texas Instruments Calculators
Budget Request: $310.00

We would like to purchase 20 Texas Instruments (TI-34) scientific calculators for all math classes. These math classes include pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and applied math. These calculators will be used by approximately 190 students.

VHS Video Cassettes
Budget Request: $588.50

This project is a set of eleven VHS video cassettes that are designed to supplement my classroom instruction, reinforce concepts, and develop new skills. Geometry is hard for some students to visualize, but with the help of these videos, I hope to enhance their learning.

The Accelerated Reader
Budget Request: $192.00

The Accelerated Reader is a reading program developed to motivate students to read more, which in turn increases comprehension and higher-order thinking skills. Also, there is a program for slower readers which will increase their reading rate and comprehension quickly if used appropriately. It will also help the faster readers develop better comprehension.

Budget Request: $655.00

This is a full-size skeleton with the muscles painted in red and blue. A stand with rollers and a dust cover are included.

Laws of Science Video
Budget Request: $995.00

Students in physical and environmental sciences have usually not achieved formalized reasoning skills. They require concrete images of the science concepts in order to assimilate the information. This project includes a video disc series that contains visual examples of the laws of science. The graphic images will help simplify complex concepts and benefit students for years.

Writing Skills Video
Budget Request: $225.00

This grant is to purchase a video to help students to fully understand the necessary steps from selecting the topic, searching sources, taking notes, outlining, writing and rewriting the paper, bibliography, and putting all the research together in a completed paper.

Kingfisher Public Schools

Emphasis on Good Citizenship
Budget Request: $400.00

This project will be an interdisciplinary unit involving the entire 5th grade student body. We hope to give students a better understanding of citizenship by learning about our flag, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Students will participate in community service projects including such activities as washing business' windows, helping with Meals on Wheels, and some caretaking of the community parks. Students will hear from guest speakers about the importance of citizenship. Students will write, direct, and perform in an educational video depicting their views of citizenship, which can then be used in the community and with younger students.

Norman Public Schools

Software Applications and Modems
Budget Request: $809.75

Software applications and modems will be purchased with this grant. The modems will allow the classes to be connected to the school library. Students will have more opportunities to communicate and research on-line. The new software will provide the application tools needed for communication.

Access to DIALOG
Budget Request: $1000.00
DIALOG is the world's largest databank of information, providing access to more than 400 different information collections known as databases. The databases found in DIALOG are widely varied. Some contain references and abstracts for published literature, business information and financial data; others contain complete text of articles and news stories; yet others offer statistical tables and directories. The databases are updated daily and provide the most current information available. DIALOG searching enables students to learn the basic command language used to locate and look at information found in all on-line databases.

Jim Fay Conference in Kansas
Budget Request: $420.00

Funds will be used to help cover expenses for staff members to attend a 5-day Jim Fay Conference in Wichita, Kansas. the topics will cover a wide range of behavioral issued. Nationally recognized experts on discipline will present instruction and materials on topics such as Managing Angry and Violent Behaviors with Students, Student Apathy and Alienation, Parenting Skills, and At-Risk Students.

National Conference of Educators in Washington, DC
Budget Request: $490.00

Patrick Wyatt will attend the National Conference of Educators at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The purpose of this conference is to encourage teaching of the Holocaust in the classroom. Participants will receive a wealth of resources and strategies to apply to their curriculum. Attendees will participate in workshops emphasizing planning units and will also have an opportunity to meet with museum staff and tour the museum during non-public hours.

Dancing Colors
Budget Request: $220.00

Dancing Colors will give the children in the preschool and intermediate classrooms at the J.D. McCarty Center the opportunities to improve gross motor, fine motor and cognitive skills. It will bring exciting new visual and physical aspects to the class. The program used large free-flowing scarves to encourage large motor movement, increase range of motion and visual tracking skills. The bright and pastel colors provide for all types of nonverbal play and communication and color identification.

Foreign Language:
Video Tapes on Cultural Diversity
Budget Request: $400.70

Students in this day and age are very attuned to information presented in a video format. The plan is to present cultural information in a variety of ways including stories, craft project, food, and music. Video is the closest thing to "being there" that can be reproduced in the classroom. Students will be able to see how different their lives are from teens living in rural Mexico, for example. The video experience offered through these materials will enhance and enrich our students' foreign language classroom experience.

Aides for Studying Hispanic Culture
Budget Request: $210.74

Materials such as books and visual aides will be purchased for Spanish activities in the classroom. They will be used to incorporate Spanish into regular classroom activities and to enhance the regular Spanish activities. The three reproducible books chosen for this project contain activities and projects, music, dances, art, folk art and crafts, language and customs of Mexico and the Hispanic Culture.

Geographic Awareness through Maps
Budget Request: $1000.00

" It's Global!" will utilize globe and map skills to heighten geographic awareness. The globe skills program, consisting of 12 sculptural relief globes and Building, Applying and Extending Globe Skills activity guides will be purchased to enrich this project. Students will not only strengthen map/globe skills, but they will also experience related cultural activities. Students will be given the opportunity to enhance their cultural awareness through books, reference materials, CD-ROM, filmstrips/videos, and personal accounts.

GTV Laserdisc
Budget Request: $395.00

GTV is a National Geographic product that combines a TV monitor, laserdisc player and computer to enable teachers and students to do research or to create individually tailored multimedia presentations on historical or geographical subjects. The GTV laserdisc holds information in the form of slides, maps, or video presentations. The goal for students is to increase their understanding of their historical and geographical past while using the technology of their future.

Home Economics:
Cooking Supplies
Budget Request: $449.90

Materials in this grant include a cart to house and transport cooking supplies, a convection oven so that cooking can be done within individual classrooms, and cookware. Teachers will check out the cart and supplies whenever they can integrate the cooking lessons and skills into their curriculum. Students will learn math skills by measuring ingredients, discovering physical and chemical changes that occur during cooking, and the opportunities to transfer knowledge learned in the classroom to hands-on, meaningful experiences.

Multisensory "Touch Math"
Budget Request: $196.02

Touch Math is a multisensory way to teach math concepts. It consists of numbers with touch points on them that correspond to the number's quantity. Besides addition, Touch math can also be used for subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Touch Math Money Kit is designed to teach special education students to recognize, count, compare and value coins and paper money from one dollar to twenty dollars. This kit will be a functional way to teach students at all levels how to recognize and use money appropriately.

"A Math Carnival"
Budget Request: $832.64

" Tuesday Turnaround: A Math Carnival" was created and designed on site at Lincoln Elementary. It is an evening for parents (quarterly on Tuesdays) to experience first-hand how children learn math concepts. With materials purchased, the library and gym will be transformed into a "carnival" atmosphere of math centers where parents will engage in graphing, sorting, estimating, problem solving, and geometry. Teachers will be present to offer instruction at "topic stations" and to assist with centers, but it is the students who will be involved in teaching their parents. Parents will also have the opportunity to be involved in discussion groups about these concepts, view videos, and even see how literature can tie into the math curriculum. It is the intent of Lincoln Elementary to involve parents in a meaningful way.

Hands-On Math
Budget Request: $137.35

The problem solving activities outlined in this grant provide an opportunity for the students to work with hands-on manipulatives to solve problems in an active, concrete manner. A problem solving box and magnetic math board allows students to actually see, feel, and manipulate objects so that abstract math concepts become real.

Math Safari
Budget Request: $449.10

Math Safari machines and math cards will be purchased to add to one that the fourth grades at Kennedy currently share. With this purchase, the students will have the opportunity to use the math machine daily instead of every six weeks. This machine is very patient and helps the students work with basic facts and new concepts in a fun, exhilarating way.

Budget Request: $980.25

Beginning and intermediate level calculators will be purchased to help students find and understand solutions to basic math problems. Efficient teaching requires enough calculators for an entire classroom and is essential to the idea of "learning by doing." With direct hands-on learning, the student retains more of the skills developed in class.

Learning the Value of Money
Budget Request: $166.00

A wide variety of materials that will provide visual and tactile stimuli for the study of money will be purchased. These materials will be used to help students recognize coins, count the value of coins, determine the value of a set of coins, count the amount of money needed to buy an item, to name a few. The materials will provide hands-on experience and can be used as the medium of exchange for a class "store" and for acting out story problems with practical applications.

The Stock Market Game
Budget Request: $317.00

The Stock Market Game is a game where business students will be divided into teams to play and learn about the stock market. The teams are given an imaginary $100,000 to invest for ten weeks. Students purchase stocks, pay brokerage fees and learn about interest. Students receive a weekly printout on their status compared to all other teams in their state and region. A subscription to "Investor's Business Daily" and a classroom set of "You and the Investment World" will also be purchased.

Understanding Mathematical Concepts
Budget Request: $436.82

These manipulatives will supplement mathematical instruction by providing hands-on activities that lead to a greater understanding of mathematical concepts. In order to enhance the effects of this teaching method, it is necessary to provide the student with manipulatives that they may use to reinforce classroom instruction in such areas as fractions, geometry principles, and patterning or symmetry.

Memory Training Kits
Budget Request: $208.23

Memory Training Kits in the areas of spelling, math, social studies, and vocabulary will be provided as a resource for kindergarten through fifth grade students. The Memorizer Systems takes advantage of visualization, sound association, and creative imagination to enhance and building skills. These systems teach students how creative imagination works and how students can make their own associations to improve long-term memory.

Books to Spark Multi-Cultural Empathy
Budget Request: $155.50

Thirty books will be purchased to spark feelings of understanding and compassion toward others, while encouraging students to accept themselves. These book will inspire writing in journals, brainstorming, dramatizations, and art projects. Objectives of this multi-cultural program are for the students to identify likenesses and differences in groups, build a bridge for questions and answers which lead to understanding of those identifications, develop empathy toward others, and increase acceptance of self as a platform from which to develop.

The "Accelerated Reader"
Budget Request: $500.00

The "Accelerated Reader" motivates students to read more and better literature. The program provides assorted book titles for the children to read and then tests their knowledge and comprehension of the book by answering questions on the computer. The program also provides a computer printout of the student's percentage of correct answers, question missed, and a student analysis of reading patterns that may indicate at-risk reading behavior. The book list may be upgraded.

Accelerated Reader Whole School Version
Budget Request: $618.00

The purpose of this grant was to request funds to convert the existing Accelerated Reader Program Floppy Disk Version to the Accelerated Reader Whole School Version. The Accelerated Reader Program serves as a very successful example of students, teachers, library-media specialists and parents working together to promote learning. Through these instructional experiences, students learn and apply skills which enable them to locate, select, evaluate, interpret, organize and communicate information.

"It's in the Bag" Reading Program
Budget Request: $864.72

Eighty-eight books will be purchased with this grant. "It's in the Bag" is a reading program developed to provide a framework for parents and children to spend more time reading together. The goal is to help raise students' academic achievement by reading high quality, interesting and appropriately leveled books.

Reading Puzzles
Budget Request: $83.80

Reading puzzles will be purchased to increase vocabulary and other important reading skills. These puzzles have both pictures and printed words on laminated cardstock cards. Since they are jig cut, (only the correct puzzle piece will match), students who need additional practice on these skills can self-check their work.

Books for Multi-Cultural Understanding
Budget Request: $383.00

Eleven sets of twenty five books will be purchased to encourage multi-cultural understanding through the use of literature. The multi-cultural literature will enhance learning, improve reading comprehension, and vocabulary skills. The students will increase understanding of geography, culture, customs, and community which are concepts from social studies. The books should also help foster positive self images.

"Take Home" Reading Program
Budget Request: $701.64

Books will be purchased to enhance the "take-home" reading program now in place at Kennedy Elementary. The extra supply of books will allow the students to check out a book daily to read independently at home with a parent. The program provides extra reading practice, builds responsibility, and provides a positive link between school and home.

Recorded Books
Budget Request: $443.45

With the purchase of recorded books narrated by Broadway actors, we will expose students to a wide variety of dialects, accents, and reading styles as the Broadway actors create excitement with emotionally charged readings. The goals are to improve listening and cognitive skills, expand vocabulary, motivate reluctant readers while building reader confidence, fluency, and oral reading skills.

Computer Program on Anatomy of the Vertebrates
Budget Request: $235.98

Preserved specimens from each of the vertebrate classes and a computer software program comparing internal anatomy of the vertebrates will be purchased. The project will provide a hands-on approach in which students may derive the information independently. This will enable the student to use analytical skills and other higher level thought processes; therefore, gaining an understanding of why and how classification works on vertebrates. Students will be comparing and contrasting characteristics of animals in the five taxonomic classes.

"Let's Measure It"
Budget Request: $643.00

"Let's Measure It" is a grant to purchase rulers, tape measures, meter sticks, measuring cups, beakers, thermometers, and scales which will allow a hands-on experience in the classroom and provide a wide variety of manipulatives needed to allow each child a solid scientific and mathematical foundation for learning through practical application.

Marten Bird House
Budget Request: $120.00

A twelve-family marten house with an aluminum pole will be purchased with this grant to attract martens to the WOODS (Washington Out Of Doors School) area. Children will be able to observe the flights of these gregarious birds as the colony sets up housekeeping. Students will be able to demonstrate a nurturing and respectful attitude towards nature, while observing life cycles first hand.

Computerized Weather Station
Budget Request: $615.50

Software for a computerized weather station including instruments with which to determine the following functions: windspeed, highwind gust, wind direction, high and low temperatures, windchill, and accumulated rainfall will be purchased. The computerized weather station is designed to provide students enrichment in the areas of language arts, science, and math as they become competent in the use of weather instruments and computers. This program will enable students to collect and compare various data, track storm systems, and monitor weather changes.

Reference Set of Endangered Species Guide Books
Budget Request: $369.00

A reference set of guide books which contain information on endangered species in the United States, which are protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act, will be purchased. They contain more than 500 species of plants and animals, detailing general physical descriptions, habitats, and historic ranges. Students will learn the importance of the use of technology to preserve and protect the natural habitats of endangered species, the delicate balance of nature in today's word, and the interdependence of man and nature.

Science Books and Computer Program
Budget Request: $251.50

Seven sets of science books and a computer program will be purchased. The books will improve reading skills, comprehension skills, science concepts, technical writing, environmental awareness, higher level thinking skills, and reinforce skills taught in other areas. The students will be reading science books on a variety of topics and learning how science relates to other subjects and their everyday lives.

Composition Journals and Resource Books
Budget Request: $667.25

With the purchase of composition journals and resource books, students at Leland Wolf will be able to express difficult emotions, solve problems, and resolve conflicts in an appropriate and socially acceptable manner. The resource literature books will help with journal writing. This project will also assist students to practice functional and creative writing skills.

Stroud Public Schools

Multi-Colored Map of the United States
Budget Request: $500.00

A large, multi-colored map of the United States was painted on an existing concrete slab at the Stroud Grade School. This map is used by students of all grades in a variety of activities. The obvious activity is state location and the naming of state capitols, but directions and counting have been added in one teacher's game. (Stand in Oklahoma. Go two states north and two states west. Name the state and its capitol.) In observing student play, the students are making up their own games (A bean bag tossed by one with the other to name the state in which it lands).

Wall Map
Budget Request: $188.40

This large 8' by 10' wall map is covered by Plexiglas and used by the Stroud High School history class in a number of ways. With country borders changing rapidly in central Europe, the class is able to draw in new boundaries and discuss the current events taking place in those countries. Diagrams of troop movements during the world wars can be shown and makes the geographical locations and relationships easier to understand.

Stroud History Books
Budget Request: $225.00

With Stroud celebrating its centennial, a fourth grade teacher used the money provided by the Foundation to purchase a number of Stroud History Books for her class. The students learned of Stroud's changes from Indian Land, to cotton farming and oil production, to its current position as a regional shopping center and tourist destination. Tours of the downtown area were taken to point out where buildings the students had read about are, or were, located with emphasis being placed on historical preservation.

Home Economics:
Baby Think It Over
Budget Request: $231.00

In recent years, Stroud High School has had number of students become teenage parents. We would all agree this trend needs to stop. Students need to concentrate on learning not on raising children. Baby Think It Over is a computerized doll which cries every two to four hours. To stop the crying, the student must insert a key in the doll's back and hold in place approximately 20 minutes (the amount of time it takes to feed an infant). The computer inside the doll registers the length of time the doll was crying and how roughly it was handled. Students are evaluated on how well they care for the doll. Approximately 50 students will have an opportunity to care for this baby over a school year. It is hoped this experience will make students aware of the responsibility of caring for an infant.

Budget Request: $695.00

This life-sized human skeleton shows muscle attachments with removable arms, legs, and skull so students may more closely examine them and understand the intricacies and complexities of the human body. Having this skeleton in the classroom has sparked a great deal of student interest and initiated many questions.