Local Education Foundation Outreach

Sample Fundraising Letter

Dear John:

There's a new outside science lab at Pratt Elementary. At the Kindergarten Center, children now have "role" costumes to wear as they talk about themselves. Huge maps of Oklahoma and the United States cover the playground at Angus Valley Elementary. Clyde Boyd Junior High has a computer writing lab, Charles Page High School students now have video equipment to use, and the kids at Limestone Elementary have a new "hands on" math kit.

These and a dozen other grants from the Sand Springs Education Foundation are enriching our children's lives every day. And these young lives are the basis for our community's future growth and prosperity. The foundation is nine years old and it's growing nicely, and working well.

We want to make sure this growth continues in a solid way. Each year, the foundation distributes the interest it earns, plus 25% of current contributions. Yet we've just begun to respond to the enrichment opportunities which students, parents and teachers join in bringing to us.

I believe that a multi-year commitment from you and your company would give a real boost to the foundation. Would you consider making a $1,000.00 contribution in 1998? And would you declare that it is your intention to repeat that commitment for the next three years?

The quality of our schools is more that just a desirable community feature. It is vital for the future success in Mid-America, just as it is for Sheffield!

Please let me know if you'll make a continuing commitment to this private-sector business effort for our school children. It's a way business can do something directly, without any state or federal regulations to get in the way or slow us down. And it's already making a big difference to our kids.

I'll look forward to hearing from you, John. Either use the enclosed reply card, or give me a call.

Sincerely yours,

George Jones