Local Education Foundation Outreach

Public Information Ideas for School Foundations


  1. Keep foundation completely open and visual for the very beginning. Never hold secretive meetings or attempt to hold back any information. Secrecy breeds distrust.
  2. Make public a mission, vision and/or purpose statement as soon as they are available.
  3. Continue to publish that statement on as many printed materials as possible.
  4. Provide new board member biographies to the media. Include photos if possible.
  5. Invite the media to all meetings and encourage their participation in all activities.
  6. Give a brief quote from each board member on why they are supporting the school foundation. Include a picture and ask the print media to publish it. Don't be afraid to ask for front page coverage. A radio station may even allow each board member to record her or his own message.
  7. Plan a campaign of when and what you want to publicize. Offer an outline to the media for their consideration. The more information you are willing to compose the more likely it is that it will be published. Be specific on how the monies will be used. Limit each story to a small segment of the current foundation effort. A particular medium may wish to claborate, but that should be their option.
  8. The public should be completely educated on the foundation prior to any campaign kick off. This should be accomplished through all possible media, brochures, and public speaking engagements.
  9. Compose a 15 minute ready-made program on your own foundations goals. Have it ready at a moment's notice when the opportunity might arise.
  10. A good publicity campaign will always emphasize children and the fact that they are the future of our country. A perfect campaign will combine children with the elderly and their own personal financial commitment to our youth. Many times the quotes from these two groups are priceless.
  11. Always remember to recognize contributors in all the necessary ways. Chances are that a well-recognized contributor will be a likely contributor for life.
  12. Recognizing contributors publicly, (those that will allow it) serves multi-functions. It bonifies the fact that the campaign is working, it encourages others to "join the list" and pleases the contributor.
  13. The total amount of the board's financial investment is very important to publicize. It takes a good board commitment for others to commit. It also makes it easier for the board to ask for big gifts if they have already given.
  14. Remember to highlight the workers. They deserve the special attention for their efforts.
  15. Every campaign should be considered a success! No matter what the outcome the fact that people learned to invest in the education of our youth is, in fact, a success.


  1. Always emphasize the success of the original campaign effort. Contributors should always be proud of their original contribution.
  2. Be very specific with this campaign on how this money will be used. Consider publicizing a series of specific projects that would benefit from a particular contribution.
  3. Share the success of monies that have already been put to work. Use pictures to show the project in action.
  4. Be sure to include those things from the original campaign that proved successful such as board quotes, publishing contributor list and giving special attention to workers.


  1. Include the media on as many "awarding of grants" as possible. Always try to get kids in the picture with the teachers.
  2. Try to show the money at work when possible.
  3. Remember to continue to publicize the efforts of the board such as minutes for the meetings, and thank you letters from teachers.
  4. Even though all campaigns are successful, always emphasize the continuing need for more investments. Remember to include information of where contributions can be sent.
  5. Consider contributions that are out of the norm. A story about memorials and gifting help keep the ideas prominent.
  6. A cleverly designed investment card could be included in bank statements or electric bills.
  7. A new set of goals and objectives should be publicized each year. People are curious about which direction the foundation is going.