Muskogee Program Earns National Recognition

Mentoring does not always come from volunteers outside of school. Sometimes the teachers, counselors and administrators band together to provide in-school advocacy programs to guarantee that every student has a mentor and advocate right on campus.

Muskogee High School has developed such a program called Advocacy Families, in which teachers and counselors lead student groups that create strong, caring relationships, both teacher-to-student and student-to-student. Groups meet weekly for fun activities that build camaraderie and cohesion, enfranchising all students into the school culture.

"Families" also take extracurricular excursions to activities ranging from bowling to attending Tulsa Drillers’ and Talons’ games. Because of its advocacy program and other indicators of positive school culture, the Character Education Partnership selected Muskogee High School as a 2011-12 National School of Character. Muskogee High is the only Oklahoma School of Character.

Submitted by Melony Carey, director of Communications, Muskogee Public Schools