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DaVinci Institute Extends Deadline for DaVinci Scholar Nominations to March 18

Note: The DaVinci Institute and its DaVinci Scholars Program are not affiliated with the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence. We are posting this information as a service to Oklahoma educators.


Click here to go to the DaVinci Institute web site for nomination guidelines and a nominator form. The deadline for nominations is March 18.

Just 300 miles south of the Oklahoma state line, teachers receive salary equivalents up to 25 percent more than those in our state.  The incentive of earning more money so close to home attracts many of our graduating education majors leaving the creative education of Oklahoma children to those with inadequate training.  Responding to this problem, the DaVinci Institute created the DaVinci Scholar Program.  Designed to help retain Oklahoma educators, the DaVinci Scholar Program offers exceptional teachers professional and financial incentives to build their careers in Oklahoma.

Honored each April at the DaVinci Banquet, each recipient of this outstanding achievement is selected by a panel of education professionals based on his or her academic excellence, professional commitment, community spirit and demonstrated promise to excellence in creative education.

This award is open to all students who are graduates of an Oklahoma institution of higher education and currently employed as a teacher in an Oklahoma public or private P-12 school.

A DaVinci Scholar is a teacher with one to three years of teaching experience who exhibits an interdisciplinary approach in his/her teaching which inspires creativity in students as evidenced in a demonstrable way, in other words translates knowlege into a product. 

A DaVinci Scholar collaborates with peers and parents, understands and modifies lessons which address the multiple intelligences and learning styles ofhis/her students and knows that learning is not static but is an ongoing process as exhibited in their own on-going education.

Creativity is not limited to the fine arts.  The experiences of creative people are very similar even though they may excell in widely different content areas such as mathematics, social studies, music, visual art, English, sciences, or foreign languages.

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