Board Leadership

Board Leadership

One of the keys to the foundation’s success is the leadership of our 180 trustees. These leaders in business, education and public service represent every region of the state and help promote the foundation’s mission and its programs. Among the trustees is a core management committee, which oversees the organization’s budget and administration, and an executive committee, which oversees programming.

Executive Committee

Cathryn Render, President*

Jami Rhoades Antonisse, President-Elect*

Ken Miller, Secretary-Treasurer*

Teresa B. Adwan

Randy Baker

Leah M. Barby

Claudia Holdridge Bartlett

Steve Burrage*

Ken Busby

Bridger Cox

Leslie Daugherty

Kim Brock Downing

Anil V. Gollahalli

John R. Hargrave

Deanne Dutton Hughes

Paige L. Johnson*

Farooq S. Karim

Vicki Miles-LaGrange

Andrew J. Morris

Leslie B. Paris

Susan Savage

Neil P. Schemmer

Joe Siano

Craig Story*

Scott Thompson

Susan I. Thurmond

Laurie Tilley

Sandy Werner

* Indicates committee member also serves on the management committee

A Legacy of Leadership

A record number of current and past presidents attended the foundation’s 2019 Annual Meeting. Pictured from right are Barbara Sturdivant, Linda Rodgers, Teresa Adwan, Linda Neal, Loyd Benson, Cathy Render, David Boren, Patti Mellow, Bruce Benbrook, Craig Story, Tony Zahn, Chip Oppenheim and Dow Hughes.