Aaron Corona

Summer Bridge Program, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Mentee: Adrian Toquothty
Years Matched: 4 Months

Aaron Corona is a junior mechanical engineering major at Oklahoma State University. Corona mentored Adrian Toquothty during the Summer Bridge Program, helping him get adjusted to college his freshman year.

“Aaron was selected to be honored for his exemplary service as a mentor for the Summer Bridge program,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Student Center. “His attention to the needs of his mentees is highly admirable. If a student needs assistance, Aaron goes above and beyond to ensure that student receives what they need as soon as possible. He goes out of his way to engage mentees in conversation to create a true sense of community.”

Corona’s favorite mentor/mentee activity is one-on-one conversation time. Though the Summer Bridge program is over, Corona still makes time to stop by Adrian’s residence hall to check in and talk with him. They enjoy one another, have the same major and many of the same interests.

“Aaron’s attention to detail has had a positive impact on the Summer Bridge program,” shared Blackburn. “His ability to anticipate the needs of student mentees has been a tremendous asset for the program. Aaron wants to make sure he can help mentees not make some of the mistakes he has, and to help the mentee grow and take the path they want to take.”

About the Program: The Summer Bridge program helps introduce incoming freshmen to courses, people and activities of OSU’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. The two-and-a-half-week program includes mini-courses in pre-calculus, physics, and tech writing, as well as design projects, industry presentations, community service projects and team building. The program is led by 11 counselors, with each assigned a small group of five to six students to oversee. In addition, the counselors assist with class attendance, design projects, group activities and study hall.