Angela Keneda

Critical Learning in Community Knowledge (CLICK), Rose State College, Midwest City
Mentee(s): CLICK students
Years Matched: Nine

Angela Keneda is a reading professor at Rose State College and lead mentor for the Critical Learning in Community Knowledge (CLICK) program.

For the past nine years, Keneda has worked to help her students overcome any barriers they may have to achieving their educational goals in a variety of ways. She assists them in beginning a project, studying for a test, learning new computer skills, navigating financial aid, connecting with college resources, or simply listening to concerns they have. Keneda has also teamed up with other Rose State faculty members to offer free English language classes for students and others in the community who do not speak English as their first language.

“Angela is an extraordinary teacher and mentor, who consistently serves her students with love and compassion,” shared Chris Knox, reading program coordinator at Rose State College. “She has devotion, dares to be innovative, and works hard. Angela believes in the power of education to change lives and works to serve the community one student at a time through extraordinary mentoring.”

Keneda works to create a sense of belonging and a peer support network for students in the CLICK program. By providing faculty mentoring and encouragement, developing activities that encourage good study habits, organizational skills and a positive attitude about learning, Keneda creates a culture of kindness and faith in students’ potential.

“Many professors try to make a difference; Angie truly succeeds!” shared Knox. “I often see our mentees in her office seeking additional instruction, encouragement, or advice. She is warm and compassionate, constantly pushing her students to excel, to be prepared and independent, and always to strive for excellence.”

About the Program: Rose State College’s Critical Learning in Community Knowledge (CLICK) program is committed to helping students create a successful, meaningful and useful educational experience. Its focus is on improving critical thinking skills, learning strategies, organizational skills, computer literacy, mathematics, reading skills, grammar, writing skills, and student knowledge of available resources both on and off campus. Students may enroll in CLICK as a college credited class, or all are welcome to join the bi-weekly lab sessions for one-on-one tutoring and mentoring.