Anhthu Trinh

Alcott Middle School, Norman
Mentee: Reese
Years Matched: Two

Anhthu Trinh is a senior biochemistry and pre-med major at the University of Oklahoma who began mentoring at McKinley Elementary School as an Academic All-State Alumni Mentor in 2017. Trinh and mentee Reese were matched then and have continued to work together through a different mentoring program as Reese transitioned to Alcott Middle School.

“Anhthu and Reese are a great match with a really special connection,” said Alcott counselor and program coordinator Heather Fronheiser. “Anthu has had a meaningful impact on her mentee, working to boost her confidence, help her express her feelings and cope with transitions in both her family and the transition from elementary school to middle school.”

Trinh and Reese like to get together for a variety of activities including crafts, chemistry experiments, writing, reading, and photography. They love eating cookies and getting drinks at Starbucks. Reese has even taught Trinh one of her favorite hobbies – playing the ukulele.

“Mentoring has impacted me in such a powerful way,” Trinh shared. “It has allowed me to use my social skills to help someone else after going through something similar as a child. I am happy to have seen my mentee grow so much in the past few years. I hope to help others like this in the future to see their true potential. Mentoring has become something I look forward to every week as it allows me to escape my troubles and go back to being a kid again.”

About the Program: The Alcott Mentoring Program matches community volunteers with middle school students in need.