Hattie Whipple

Beaver Duster Mentoring Program, Beaver
Mentee: Harley, 6th Grade
Years Matched: Four

Hattie Whipple is a Beaver business owner dedicated to volunteering as a mentor in the Beaver Duster Mentoring Program. Whipple has been matched for the past four years to Harley, now a sixth grader.

 “Hattie is very kind and positive with the kids,” said mentoring program charter member Charley Chockley. “They all like and respect her. She always has a smile and is great about asking mentees the right questions and listening carefully to their answers.”

Whipple’s match with Harley has been a great success, and the two have developed a special bond. Harley likes to read, play games, do crafts, and paint fingernails with Whipple during their time together.

“Harley is so blessed to have Hattie as her mentor,” shared Leah Starr, a fellow mentor in the program. “Hattie has a generous servant heart and pours her love, time, energy and patience into every session with Harley. They greet each other with a hug, and Hattie always makes sure that Harley feels important and special by giving her full attention during their time together. Harley really looks forward to the time she spends with Hattie.”

About the Program: Beaver Duster Mentoring Program, launched in October 2014, matches community volunteer mentors and high school student peer mentors with elementary students. Among various activities, the mentor-mentee matches play board and physical games as well as do crafts. Some mentors also volunteer for additional reading with students, and some mentor high school students.