James Parker

World Baseball Outreach, Tulsa
Mentees: Kendall Whittier Baseball Team
Years Matched: Two

James Parker has been a volunteer coach for the Kendall Whittier Elementary school baseball team in Tulsa for the past two years as part of his involvement with World Baseball Outreach. Parker was selected as outstanding mentor because of the encouragement and motivation he provides to his mentees – on and off the field.

“James has had a tremendous impact on his team,” said Holly Moreland, facilities director and RBI league coordinator. “He practices with them every day after school and works with them in the off season as well. Since he started coaching the team, the children’s school attendance and academic achievement has improved, and behavior problems have plummeted. … Everyday, the children look forward to practicing after school.”

Parker shared that coaching this group of students has given him a purpose. He loves watching the 14 kids on his team find their confidence on the field and then apply that confidence off the field as well. In addition to coaching, Parker shares a meal with the students after every game.

“We are proud of James,” shared Moreland. “We are proud of the work he has put into this team, and we are proud of the person he is becoming.”

About the Program: World Baseball Outreach is a faith-based non-profit organization in Tulsa that provides mentoring and teaches leadership to youth through baseball.