Jean Schalit

Link ONE Mentoring, ONE True Light Inc., Duncan
Mentee: Kaden
Years Matched: Six

Retiree Jean Schalit has been a dedicated Link ONE mentor since the start of the program and has been matched with mentee Kaden since he was in third grade, six years ago.

“Jean has been a very consistent adult in Kaden’s life. She has been there through ups and downs, and her love for Kaden has proven to be unconditional through the years,” shared Jill Harris of Link ONE. “Jean is everything you could hope for in a mentor. She has remained faithful to her mentee as a kind, loving, dependable rock for him. Jean has also been one of our greatest program ambassadors and recruiters, bringing many close friends to volunteer with her.”

Schalit and Kaden meet weekly for lunch and enjoy playing games together and talking. Kaden’s mother shared, “Jean has been a fantastic role model for not only my son but for me as well. She is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. Such a blessing to my family as well as others.”

Schalit said she has gained a new perspective on how different it is growing up today than it was in her day or even her 57-year-old daughter’s day. “My purpose for mentoring was to be the person for Kaden that I needed when I was a child,” Schalit said. “I realized early on that Kaden’s world was harder than mine, and that he did indeed need one true and loyal friend.”

About the Program: Link ONE Mentoring is the cornerstone project of One True Light, a nonprofit connecting local churches and concerned citizens to meet the needs of Duncan Public Schools’ students. Link ONE mentors volunteer once a week, providing support and encouragement, lending a listening ear, and helping students form a positive vision for their future. They may provide academic support or simply help to boost the child’s self-esteem by being a dependable positive adult role model.