Jennifer Litchfield

Student Council Big-Little Program, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Mentee: Braxton Beuke
Years Matched: One

Jennifer Litchfield, a junior mechanical and aerospace engineering student at Oklahoma State University, was a mentee in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Student Council Big-Little program. Now, she is giving back to the program as a mentor to Braxton Beuke.

“Jennifer was selected to be honored because she has spent the most time and had the biggest impact on her mentee,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention for the CEAT Student Center. “Jennifer benefitted from having a wonderful mentor, and she wanted to pay it forward by being an outstanding mentor herself.”

Beuke and Litchfield are involved in many of the same student organizations. They like similar things and are pursuing similar opportunities. Litchfield and Braxton love to catch up with one another over a meal.

“Jennifer has helped guide Braxton through her first finals week,” shared Blackburn. “She has helped send opportunities Braxton’s way within the college. Jennifer is great about checking in with Braxton regularly to make sure college is not overwhelming to her. Jennifer is always ready and eager to assist in improving our mentoring program. She has been an integral component to our success.”

About the Program: Student Council Big-Little Program matches selected upperclassmen and women as “Bigs” to the CEAT Freshman Council “Littles.” Bigs mentor freshmen particularly in the area of leadership both on campus and within CEAT. They also help connect the freshmen to the student organizations within the college.