Joe L. Hay

B.E.A.R. Mentoring Program, Cheyenne
Mentee: Kaden, 10th Grader
Years Matched: Five

Joe L. Hay is a retired Roger Mills County Sheriff who has been a faithful mentor and positive role model to Kaden for the past five years. Hay is a veteran mentor with the Cheyenne Building Esteem and Responsibility (B.E.A.R.S.) mentoring program.

“Mr. Hay’s outgoing personality has influenced Kaden to become more congenial and social with others,” shared Cheyenne Elementary Principal Belinda Chalfant. “They just click. Mr. Hay has taught Kaden many things and enhanced his metal works and welding skills.”

Hay and Kaden especially enjoy craftsman projects, metal works and shop projects. Their mentor/mentee match has allowed Kaden to further explore his interests, especially with welding. Hay has helped Kaden see and explore his own potential.

“Kaden and Mr. Hay have a wonderful rapport,” shared Chalfant. “Mr. Hay encourages Kaden to stay out of trouble, and Kaden really respects Mr. Hay.”

About this Program: The Cheyenne B.E.A.R.S. mentoring program began in 2014 and works to build esteem and responsibility in the students of Cheyenne schools.