Kathy Hill

House of Healing, Equine Experience
Mentee: Sarah
Years Matched: One

Kathy Hill is a sign language interpreter with Putnam City Schools. She and mentee Sarah have been matched for a year.

“Kathy has strong Christian values and cares deeply for those she mentors, she is very dedicated,” shared Kathy Boeckman, CEO of House of Healing. “Kathy gives countless hours making sure she is available when her mentee needs her.”

Hill and Sarah enjoy spending time together at the House of Healing property and interacting with their favorite horses. The two have built a strong bond of trust during their time together, and Sarah has experienced growth in her self-confidence.

“In addition to her mentoring commitment, Kathy is also a member of our Board of Directors,” shared Boeckman. “She makes an impact on our programs with her decision making, strategic planning and her financial support.”

About the Program: House of Healing serves teen girls age 13-17. The Authentic Girl Mentoring program and Equine Experience program work hand in hand to accomplish key goals: empowering teenage girls through better coping and conflict resolution skills, teaching girls to make better life choices and restore self-esteem, build self-assurance and values they need to overcome a negative social environment and provide tools that assist in their emotional healing. The Equine Experience also teaches girls about proper physical and mental horse care and horse anatomy. The experience is a powerful hands-on tool for girls to build confidence, develop good communication skills and overcome their fears.