Lamar Lawson

Inspiring Successful Engineers, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Mentee: Kaleb Runte
Years Matched: One

Lamar Lawson, a senior electrical engineering major at Oklahoma State University, has been matched with mentee Kaleb Runte for a year, though the two knew each other before the match, making the relationship a great fit from the start.

“Lamar is an outstanding role model and mentor,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Student Center. “He is able to connect with Kaleb and is approachable and available when Kaleb needs assistance. Lamar understands the importance of one-on-one interaction and how it can make a tremendous difference in one’s life.”

Lawson and Runte enjoy playing video games together, going to the Colvin Recreation Center, and just hanging out and talking about life. Lawson helps his mentee understand the importance of not getting lost in textbooks during college, to be willing to venture out and enjoy other hobbies and interests.

“Lamar has enjoyed experiencing the excitement of college through his mentee’s eyes. This has helped to keep the college experience fresh for him as a senior,” shared Blackburn. “Lamar’s impact has been great. Students gravitate to him, they can tell he truly cares for their well-being. Our mentor events are enhanced by Lamar’s presence and expertise.”

About the Program: OSU’s Inspiring Successful Engineers matches successful upperclassmen in engineering with incoming freshmen to help them assimilate to college and prepare for the rigorous study of engineering.