Max Neville

Coach-A-Kid Enid, United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma
Mentees: Randy and Dalen
Years Matched: Three

Max Neville has been selected as this year’s outstanding mentor for Coach-A-Kid Enid for his dedication to the program and to his mentees. Max has volunteered three years as a mentor to Randy, a third-grader, and recently began mentoring Dalen, a second-grader.

 “Max is a bit of a Mr. Rogers type of fellow,” shared John Gray, Coach-A-Kid program coordinator. “He is so open and caring and has the desire to help kids reach their potential. What warms my heart is Max wants the best for his mentees and helps them feel safe, seen, heard and unjudged.”

Neville spends extra time searching for books to help his students improve their reading. He enjoys spending time talking to mentees and asking questions that encourage students to share their thoughts and feelings. “Max told me of how his mentee’s face lights up when they talk about things that make his student feel seen and heard,” said Gray.

“Max shares with his mentees about his own struggles during school,” Gray added. “He wears his graduation ring and tells each student that he graduated from Enid High, followed up by the statement, ‘If I can do it… you can, too!’”

When Neville’s wife recently passed away, he still made time – in the midst of his own grief – to make sure his mentee Dalen received a card for his birthday. “That’s the kind of caring mentor he is,” Gray said.

About the Program: Coach-A-Kid Enid Mentoring Program is a partnership between the United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma, Enid Public Schools and the Enid Metro Commission. Its mission is to improve academic achievement with a focus on reading and math, to build self-esteem, establish positive relationships, and to help children overcome negative behaviors. Mentors meet 30 minutes each week with their students during the school year.