Roy McClendon

Believe In Some One Now (B.I.S.O.N.) Mentors, Leedey Public Schools
Mentee: Jacob
Years Matched: Seven

Roy McClendon is a retired teacher who currently volunteers as the mayor of Leedey. He has been matched with sophomore Jacob for the past seven years.

“Mr. McClendon is one of the most dependable and compassionate mentors in the B.I.S.O.N. Mentoring Program,” wrote members of the B.I.S.O.N. Mentoring Program Board.  “He has spent countless extra hours per week helping Jacob with his schoolwork in order to assure Jacob’s academic success. Mr. McClendon also tries to instill good work ethic and life skills.”

The board praised McClendon for spending numerous hours to relearn math concepts and skills so he could better serve his mentee.  In addition to working on homework, McClendon and Jacob enjoy playing cards or board games. Jacob especially looks forward to his end-of-year lunch with Mr. McClendon, when the two of them can go downtown to eat and have fun talking.

“Mr. McClendon is friendly and easygoing,” shared Jacob. Mr. McClendon’s constant encouragement and motivation has given Jacob the opportunity to be successful. Jacob is having his best year academically, due in part to his work with Mr. McClendon.

About the Program: B.I.S.O.N Mentors is a school-based program that serves pre-K through 12th grade students in Leedey a small community of 435 residents. The program was started by the district and six community board members, who rallied the support of their town. In a short time, the program has had a great impact on the school’s entire student body.