William Crawford

Architecture Coaching, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Mentee: Paul Johnson
Years Matched: 3 Months

William Crawford is a senior architecture major at Oklahoma State University. Crawford is a Success Coach with the Architecture Coaching program and has been matched with mentee Paul Johnson for the past few months.

“William has been a very effective Success Coach, having mentored several freshman in the architecture program,” said Jordan Blackburn, coordinator of Student Retention for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Student Center. “He has been an encourager and helped them see the bigger picture when it comes to assignments and how to work hard in the major while also taking care of themselves as individuals. William has an infectious positive outlook, always ready with a smile and a question to get others involved.”

Crawford likes to sit down with Johnson to interact while working on homework. He enjoys being one-on-one while Paul works to draw for his projects. Crawford feels that this helps both push and encourage him and his mentee.

“This fall, in William’s second term as a Success Coach, I watched as he assisted the new coaches to develop strategies to ensure their own meetings with freshman were successful,” shared Blackburn. “At the end of the Success Team program, William was selected as the most effective coach by the freshman students!”

About the Program:  OSU’s Architecture Coaching program is a seven-week program for all Architecture and Architectural Engineering freshmen, who are matched with upperclassmen mentors.