2016 Participating Coaches

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence

2016 Participating Coaches

Thank you to the more than 400 Oklahoma coaches and others who have endorsed the 2016 Coaches Mentoring Challenge. Participants are listed below by the cities in which they coach. 

      ADA – Luke Clark, volunteer basketball coach, Roff Public Schools; Dan Pettigrew, football and wrestling coach, Ada Public Schools; Josh Turner, softball coach, Byng Public Schools; Scott Fortner, softball coach, Byng High School; Matt Bryant, boys basketball and golf coach, Latta Public Schools; Trent Storts, boys’ basketball coach, Latta Public Schools; Justin Holeman, baseball coach, Ada High School.

      AFTON – Mark Ricks, cross country, baseball and track coach, Cleora Public Schools.

      AGRA – Jon Peveler, basketball and softball coach, Agra High School; Stephanie Peveler, basketball coach, Agra Public Schools.

      ALTUS – David Doss, basketball and cross country coach, Navajo High School.

      ALVA – Steve Gale, athletic director, Alva High School.

      AMBER – Kody Wilson, assistant baseball and assistant basketball coach, Amber-Pocasset High School.

      ANADARKO – Doug Schumpent, basketball coach, Anadarko High School.

      ARAPAHO – Christy Edelen, girls’ basketball coach, Arapaho-Butler High School.

      ARDMORE – Mark Linney, football and track coach, Ardmore High School, Joe Price, head football coach, Plainview Public Schools.

      ARKOMA – Paul Cates, football and basketball coach, Arkoma High School; Shane Amos, softball and basketball coach, Arkoma High School.

      ASHER – Jimmy Skender, junior high baseball and high school basketball coach, Asher Public Schools.

      ATOKA – Chris Wingo, soccer and assistant softball coach, Atoka Public Schools.

      BALKO – Brittany Johnson, basketball, cross country and track coach, Balko Public Schools; Rusty Thomas, football coach, Balko Public Schools; J.J. Manning, football, basketball and track coach, Balko Public Schools.

      BARNSDALL – Cliff Warford, boys’ basketball coach, Barnsdall Public Schools.

      BARTLESVILLE – Carrie Daniels, girls’ basketball and girls’ golf coach, Bartlesville High School.

      BATTIEST  – Jo Tonihka, softball coach, Battiest High School.

      BEAVER – Jonathan Hampton, football coach, Beaver High School.

      BEGGS – Jade McDaniel, cheer coach, Beggs High School; Cody McDaniel, football, track and power lifting coach, Beggs High School.

      BOISE CITY – Mike Burdge, football and basketball coach, Boise City High School; Justin House, football and track coach, Boise City High School.

      BOSWELL – Rick Grimes, principal and athletic director, Boswell Public Schools.

      BRISTOW – Ray Tankersley, head boys’ basketball and head boys’ tennis coach, Bristow High School; Lewis Coleman, football coach, Bristow High School.

      BROKEN ARROW – Mike Hughes, former head girls’ basketball coach, Broken Arrow High School; Tiffany Jones, girls’ basketball and track coach, Broken Arrow High School; David Alexander, head varsity football coach, Broken Arrow High School; Aaron Nowell, football coach, Broken Arrow High School; Michael Hainzinger, retired football coach, Broken Arrow Public Schools.

      BROKEN BOW – Duce Lee, football and girls’ track coach, Broken Bow High School.

      BUNCH – Brian Morton, basketball coach, Cave Springs High School; Tom Osburn, all sports coach, Cave Springs Public Schools.

      BURNS FLAT – Jacob Schneberger, head football coach, Burns Flat-Dill City High School.

      CACHE – Miles Thompson, basketball coach, Cache Public Schools; Ryan Whiteley, baseball coach, Cache High School.

      CANADIAN – Matt Murdaugh, football, basketball, power lifting and track coach, Canadian High School; Jake Murdaugh, football coach, Canadian Public Schools; Wes Jackson, baseball coach, Canadian High School.

      CANEY – Matt Brister, baseball coach, Caney High School.

      CARNEGIE – Kirk Graham, head basketball and cross country coach, Carnegie Public Schools.

      CATOOSA – Brian Coley, athletic trainer, Catoosa Public Schools.

      CHATTANOOGA –Nick Gable, head basketball and head baseball coach, Chattanooga High School.

      CHECOTAH – Lawrence Lane, basketball and track coach, Checotah High School; Chris Buckmaster, head wrestling coach, Checotah High School.

      CHICKASHA – Eric Hughes, baseball coach, Chickasha High School; Cody Stephens, football and baseball coach, Chickasha High School; Dace Lemieux, football, basketball and track coach, Chickasha High School; Dillon Morgan, football, basketball and track coach, Chickasha High School.

      CHOCTAW – Todd Dilbeck, football coach and district athletic director, Choctaw High School; Michael Hessman, assistant athletic director and baseball coach, Choctaw Public Schools; David Johnson, high school football coach and middle school athletic director, Choctaw Public Schools; Brian Spradlin, softball, basketball and golf coach, Choctaw High School.

CLAREMORE – Brian Key, football coach and assistant principal, Claremore High School; Kevin Smith, football coach, Claremore High School; Ryan Ervin, former athletic director, Rogers State University; Josh Fostick, former golf coach, Rogers State University; Chris McCormick, cross country and track and field coach, Rogers State University; Chris Klimas, baseball coach, Rogers State University; Justin Barkley, men’s basketball coach, Rogers State University; Derek Larkin, men’s soccer coach; Rogers State University; Sara Williams, assistant athletic director, Rogers State University; Jody Iams, Claremore resident, football coach, Chaparral High School, Anthony, Kan.

CLAYTON – Joseph Bean, softball coach, Clayton Public Schools; T.J. Grey, basketball and softball coach, Clayton.

CLEVELAND – Shane Page, assistant football, head power lifting and head track coach, Cleveland Public Schools; Burgess Shaw, football and wrestling coach, Cleveland High School.

CLINTON – Lisa Moss, head softball and assistant basketball coach, Clinton High School.

COALGATE – Ernest Fanning, football, baseball and cross country coaches, Coalgate Public Schools.

COLCORD – Jeri Kindle, softball coach, Colcord Public Schools.

COLEMAN – Montie Gaston, softball and basketball coach, Coleman Public Schools.

COLLINSVILLE – Tom Redding, football and track coach, Collinsville High School; Tony Reeder, head baseball coach, Collinsville Public Schools; Hamilton Hernandez, baseball coach, Collinsville Public Schools; Bob Pratt, retired coach, Collinsville Public Schools.

COMANCHE – Aaron Weast, athletic director and basketball coach, Comanche Public Schools; Aaron Minor, softball and basketball coach, Comanche Public Schools.

CORDELL – Dustin Beasley, football coach, Cordell Public Schools; David Garmon, boys'  track coach, Cordell Public Schools;  Jana Rogers, basketball, cross country and track coach, Cordell Public Schools.

CORN – Todd Smith, head football coach, Corn Bible Academy.

COVINGTON – Roger Hoeltzel, football and head baseball coach, Covington-Douglas Public Schools; Kenny Daugherty, softball, boys' basketball and track coach, Covington-Douglas; Jeremy Harper, girls' basketball coach, Covington-Douglas.

COWETA – Mike Wilson, cross country, archery, track coach, Coweta High School.

COYLE – Josh Sumrall, superintendent and basketball coach, Coyle Public Schools; Marcus Cooper, football and basketball coach, Coyle Public Schools.

CRESCENT – Karl Butt, girls’ basketball and softball coach, Crescent High School; J.L. Fisher, football, track and field coach, Crescent Public Schools.

CUSHING – Terry Mead, former baseball, basketball and softball coach, Cushing Public Schools.

DEL CITY – Clint LittleJim, baseball coach, Christian Heritage School; Tommy Griffin, boys’ basketball coach, Del City High School.

DEPEW – Brian Kader, girls' basketball coach, Depew Public Schools.

DEWAR – Josh Been, football, track coach, Dewar High School.

DIBBLE – Mechell Prince, dean of students, Dibble Elementary.

DICKSON – Steve Day, football coach, Dickson High School.

DUNCAN – Tony Roberts, athletic director and head football and track coach, Empire High School; Mary Leyrer, cross country and track coach, Duncan Middle School; Amanda Lard, volleyball, basketball and tennis coach, Duncan Public Schools.

DURANT – David Brese, assistant principal and former football and baseball coach, Durant High School.

DUSTIN – Tom Turner, track coach, Graham-Dustin Public Schools.

EDMOND – Caleb Teel, baseball coach, Edmond Santa Fe High School; Rick Inselman, Boy Scouts leader, Troop 226.

EL RENO – Tyler Brown, men’s basketball coach, Redlands Community College; Brad Mallam, softball and basketball coach, El Reno High School; Joel Franks, football coach, El Reno Public Schools; James Racadio, football, power lifting and track coach, El Reno Public Schools.

ELGIN – Brett Tahah, girls’ basketball and golf coach, Elgin Public Schools.

ELK CITY – Rick Scott, fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball and wrestling coach, Elk City Public Schools; Todd Wilson, head football and track coach, Elk City Public Schools; Donnie Husband, basketball coach, Merritt Public Schools; Jeff Fletcher, girls’ basketball, track and cross country coach, Merritt Public Schools.

ENID – Ryan Bush, golf coach, Pioneer High School; Kyle Hilterbran, boys’ basketball coach, Enid Public Schools; Mario Woodson, basketball coach, Enid High School.

ERICK – Justin Janz, girls’ basketball and volleyball coach, Erick High School; Jase Newcomb, basketball coach, Erick Public Schools.

FAIRFAX – Pat Gray, football, cross country and track coach, Woodland Public Schools.

FAIRVIEW – Amanda Hammer, middle school basketball and track coach, Fairview Public Schools; Ross Doane, boys’ basketball coach, Fairview Public Schools; Robert Bernard, football coach, Fairview High School; Ryan Nightingale, head softball coach, Fairview High School; Mike Barton, girls’ basketball coach, Fairview High School; Elaine Hutchison, teacher and former coach, Fairview Public Schools.

FORT GIBSON – Sammy Johnson, football, wrestling and track coach, Fort Gibson Public Schools; Orrel Ragland, football and track coach, Fort Gibson Public Schools.

FORT TOWSON – Jerren Ellis, softball coach, Fort Townson Public Schools.

FOX – Brent Phelps, football, track coach, Fox Public Schools.

FOYIL – Benny Ballard, track coach, Foyil High School; Phil Webb, softball coach, Foyil Public Schools.

FREDERICK – Katie Raines, fast-pitch softball coach, Frederick Public Schools.

GLENPOOL –Jason Yarbrough, boys’ and girls’ golf coach, Glenpool High School.

GOODWELL – Russell Gaskamp, head football coach, Oklahoma Panhandle State University; Lucas Peters, football coach, Oklahoma Panhandle State University; Buddy Blevins, football coach, Oklahoma Panhandle State University; Anthony Taylor, football coach, Oklahoma Panhandle State University;  Shawn Strain, basketball coach, Goodwell Public Schools.

GRANDFIELD – William Dickey, football coach, Grandfield Public Schools.

GROVE – Richard Bassett, basketball and golf coach and athletic director, Grove Public Schools.

GUYMON – Michael Harris, athletic director, Guymon Junior High.

HAILEYVILLE – Roy West, girls’ fast-pitch softball and boys’ baseball coach, Haileyville Public Schools.

HAMMOND – Leah Beer, girls’ basketball coach, Hammond Public Schools.

HASKELL – Travis Hollis, football coach, Haskell Public Schools; Kyle Ward, football, basketball, slow-pitch softball coach, Haskell Public Schools; Paul McCrary, football, basketball, baseball coach, Haskell High School.

HEAVENER – Rodale Sanders, head softball coach, Heavener Public Schools; Brady Hardin, football, basketball, track coach, Heavener Public Schools; John Long, football and golf coach, Heavener Public Schools.

HENRYETTA – Sheri Freeman, softball and tennis coach, Henryetta High School.

HOLDENVILLE – Norman Florie, basketball coach, Holdenville Public Schools; Ryan Florie, basketball coach, Holdenville High School.

HOLLIS – Zack Josey, football coach, Hollis High School.

HOWE – Shannon Stubbs, baseball coach, Howe Public Schools.

HUGO – Danny Groat, football, power lifting and soccer coach, Hugo Public Schools; Chance Baker, football and baseball coach, Hugo High School.

HYDRO – Rick Gore, basketball and softball coach, Hydro-Eakly Public Schools.

IDABEL – T.J. Langley, power lifting and football coach, Idabel High School; Kiah Smith, football coach, Idabel Public Schools.

INDIANOLA – Brad McNeil, fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball, basketball and track coach and Pre-K through 8th-grade principal, Indianola Public Schools.

INOLA – Kanella Andrews, track coach, Inola Public Schools; Patrick Mullen, football coach, Inola Public Schools.

JAY – Mike Moore, head varsity baseball coach, Jay High School; Terry Sweeney, boys’ basketball coach, Jay High School; Lindsi Crawford, basketball, track and cross country coach, Jay High School.

JENKS – Ron Engles, youth football and wrestling volunteer, Jenks Public Schools; Vicki Hughes, varsity girls’ golf coach, Jenks Public Schools.

JONES – Ted Dorrell, football coach, Jones High School; Kevin Witt, football coach, Jones High School.

KANSAS – Bobby Lamont, softball coach, Kansas Public Schools.

KELLYVILLE – Larry Heath, boys’ basketball coach, Kellyville Public Schools; Scott Robb, football and track coach, Kellyville High School.

KETCHUM – Justin Brown, football, power lifting and track coach, Ketchum High School.

KIEFER – Taylor Youngblood, basketball and softball coach, Kiefer Public Schools; Joe Lierly, cross country coach, Kiefer Public Schools; George Baker, power lifting coach, Kiefer Public Schools.

KINGFISHER – Micah Nall, football and head track coach, Kingfisher High School.

KINGSTON – Clayton Hodges, football and golf coach, Kingston Public Schools.

KONAWA – Bobby Carnes, football and head power lifting coach, Konawa Public Schools.

LANGSTON – James Hilliard Jr., cross country and track coach, Langston University.

LAVERNE – Chris Cayot, head football and track coach, Laverne Public Schools.

LAWTON – Mike Burris, football and track coach, Eisenhower High School.

LEEDEY – Robert Espinosa, basketball coach, Leedey Public Schools.

LINDSAY – John Inman, football and track coach, Lindsay Public Schools.

MANGUM – Jim Gather, wrestling, football and baseball coach, Mangum Public Schools.

MANNFORD – Colin Roden, girls’ basketball, baseball coach, Mannford High School.

MARIETTA – Matt Suffal, football and track coach, Marietta Public Schools.

MARLOW – Chuck Murdock, retired athletic director, Marlow Public Schools.

MAUD – Bruce Harrell, football, girls' basketball and boys' and girls' track coach, Maud Public Schools.

MAYSVILLE – Tony West, football, girls’ basketball and slow-pitch softball coach, Maysville Public Schools.

MCALESTER – Chris Zike, basketball coach, McAlester Public Schools.

MIAMI – Dalen Qualls, assistant mens’ basketball coach, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

MIDWEST CITY – Bryan Young, football and track coach, Monroney Middle School.

MOORE -- Dena Rogers, athletic facilitator, Central Junior High; Rodney Porter, golf coach, Moore High School; Jeremy Bates, head slow-pitch softball coach, Moore High School; Jerrame Dockery, track and basketball coach, Moore High School.

MOORELAND – Luke Thompson, boys’ baseball and girls’ softball coach, Mooreland High School.

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Kyle Williams, head fast-pitch softball, girls’ track, and head junior high and varsity basketball coach, Mountain View-Gotebo Public Schools.

MOYERS – Brent Shaw, baseball and basketball coach, Moyers High School.

MULDROW – Terry Collins, basketball coach, Muldrow Public Schools; Adam Simmons, boys' basketball coach, Muldrow High School.

MUSKOGEE – Lori Martin, volleyball and track coach, Alice Robertson Junior High; Cody Autrey, football coach, Muskogee Public Schools; Angie Hillmon, track and cross country coach, Muskogee High School; Shonika Breedlove, basketball coach, Muskogee Public Schools; Gary Gunckel, basketball and soccer coach, Hilldale Middle School; Eric Romine, boys' basketball coach, Hilldale Middle School; Melanie Walker, basketball coach, Muskogee High School; Kodi Morrison, basketball coach, Muskogee High School.

MUSTANG – Bree VanBuskirk, assistant basketball coach, Mustang Public Schools; Karen Bridges, cross country and golf coach, Mustang Public Schools.

MUTUAL – Ryan Nelson, football, basketball and track coach, Sharon-Mutual Public Schools.

NOBLE – Melody Young, basketball and softball coach, Noble Public Schools; Jared Henning, wrestling coach, Noble Public Schools.

NORMAN – Tom Morrison, football coach, Norman High School; Greg Nation, head football coach, Norman High School; Matt Looney, football coach, Little Axe Public Schools; Josh Mattox, girls’ basketball, tennis, football coach, Little Axe Public Schools; Brandon Smith, cross country and track coach, Little Axe Public Schools.

NOWATA – Cory James, football and baseball coach, Nowata Public Schools.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Hal Gullick, boys’ basketball coach, Bishop McGuinness High School; Richie Henderson, head girls’ basketball coach, Bishop McGuiness High School; Steve Hernandez, softball and golf coach, Capitol Hill High School; Jack Dingus, football, power lifting, track coach, Crooked Oak High School; Mark Busick, cross country and track coach, Harding Charter Prep; John Marshall High School; Shantel Leonard, volleyball and track coach, Millwood Public Schools; Derrick Hightower, girls’ basketball coach, Millwood Public Schools; Londaryl Perry, girls’ basketball coach, Millwood High School; Nicholas Henderson, football coach, Millwood Public Schools; Darwin Franklin, football coach, Millwood Public Schools; Willie Batson, football, basketball and baseball coach, Millwood High School; LaToya Jackson, softball coach, Millwood Public Schools; Matthew Black, football coach, Millwood Public Schools; Edward King, football coach, Northwest Classen High School; David Raupe, football coach, Putnam City North High School; Dale Pearson, head baseball coach, Putnam City North High School; Keith Sinor, athletic director, Oklahoma City Public Schools; Chris Winstead, pitching coach, Putnam City Public Schools; Robert T. Walker, football, wrestling and track coach, Justice Alma Wilson SeeWorth Academy; Brian Sexton, football coach and athletic director, Justice Alma Wilson SeeWorth Academy; Curtis Thompson, girls’ basketball coach and athletic director, Southeast High School; Melissa Bullen, softball and cheer coach, Southeast High School; Dan Burgess, football and head tennis coach, Western Heights High School; James McMahon, cross country and track coach, Western Heights High School.

OKEENE – Steve Heckart, girls’ softball coach, Okeene High School; Mark Cox, football and track coach, Okeene High School.

OKEMAH – Leon Hurst, track coach, Okemah Public Schools; Kale Simon, basketball coach, Okemah Middle School; Joe Turner, athletic director and football coach, Okemah Public Schools; Frank Yazel, football and track coach, Okemah Public Schools;

OKMULGEE – Carl Lee, football coach, Okmulgee Public Schools; Kevin Rucker, football, girls’ track, girls’ basketball coach, Okmulgee Public Schools; Dwight Pankey, cross country and track coach, Okmulgee Public Schools; Jan Colombin, golf coach, Stonebridge Academy; Tom Clayton, retired official, Okmulgee Public Schools.

OWASSO – Frank Blair, football coach, Owasso Eighth Grade Center; Matt Sweeney, softball, girls' basketball and boys' soccer coach, Owasso High School; Mike Ryan, wrestling coach, Owasso Public Schools.

PARK HILL – Lynetta Fisher, softball and golf coach, Keys Public Schools.

PAULS VALLEY – Brandon Christian, football coach, Pauls Valley Public Schools.

PAWNEE – Chad Tsotigh, girls’ basketball, track and football coach, Pawnee Public Schools.

PERKINS – Bruce Williams, football coach, Perkins-Tryon Public Schools; Michael Brown, basketball, softball and baseball coach, Perkins-Tryon Public Schools; David Griffin, softball coach, Perkins-Tryon Public Schools.

PERRY – Ron Dwyer, girls’ backetball coach, Perry Junior High School.

PIEDMONT – Jon Bakewell, football and track coach, Piedmont High School; Coleman Hughes III, softball coach, Piedmont Public Schools; Brian Nichols, Piedmont Youth Soccer; Erik Ford, wrestling and golf coach, Piedmont High School; Will Delk, high school wrestling, middle school football coach, Piedmont High School.

POCOLA – Eddie Combs, baseball coach, Pocola Public Schools.

PONCA CITY – Ken Coates, girls’ tennis coach, Ponca City High School; Lee Guess, track coach, Ponca City Public Schools; Wendy Landes, basketball coach, Ponca City High School; Jaimee Miller, volleyball coach, Ponca City High School; Heather Harris, swimming coach, Ponca City Public Schools.

PORTER – Zac Ross, head football, basketball and track coach, Porter Public Schools.

POTEAU – Forrest Mazey, football coach, Poteau Public Schools; Chris Ford, wrestling and football coach, Poteau Public Schools; Shane Mize, wrestling coach, Poteau Public Schools; Greg Wilson, football and track coach, Pansy Kidd Middle School.

PRESTON – Mark Hudson, superintendent, Preston Public Schools.

PRYOR – Lori Martin, girls’ basketball coach, Pryor Public Schools; Daryl Heston, football coach and assistant athletic director, Pryor Public Schools; Philip Oura, track and cross country coach, Pryor Public Schools; Donnie Martin, head girls' basketball coach, Pryor High School; Gerald Osborne, athletic director and head baseball coach, Pryor Public Schools; Norman Hall, tennis coach, Pryor Public Schools; Greg Arnold, softball, basketball and golf coach, Pryor High School.

PURCELL – John Higbee, football and track coach, Purcell High School.

QUINTON – Tara Satterfield, girls’ basketball and softball coach, Quinton Public Schools; Gavin Crocker, football coach, Quinton Public Schools.

RINGWOOD – Evan Wilson, football, baseball and track coach, Ringwood Public Schools.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN – Glen Cone, basketball coach, Rocky Mountain Public Schools.

ROLAND – James Webb, softball and basketball coach, Roland Public Schools; Ed Lewis, basketball coach, Roland High School.

RUSH SPRINGS – Joe Tunnell, retired football coach and Oklahoma Coaches Association staff.

SALINA – Chris Osburn, football, wrestling and track coach, Salina High School.

SALLISAW – Darren Briggs, head baseball and head softball coach, Sallisaw High School; James Youngblood, basketball coach, Sallisaw Public Schools; Jeremy Thomspon, football and track coach, Central Public School.

SAND SPRINGS – Mike Burdge, Sand Springs mayor and cross country and track coach, Charles Page High School.

SAPULPA – James Burkhalter Jr., football and track coach, Sapulpa Public Schools.

SAYRE – Kyle Merrick, football coach, Sayre High School; Brian Richardson, athletic director and head girls’ basketball coach, Sayre High School; Ashley Filer, softball coach, Sayre Public Schools; Patton Pugh, football, basketball, baseball and track coach, Sayre High School.

SEILING – Brian Haynie, head football coach, Seiling High School.

SEMINOLE – Jon Hadley, boys’ and girls’ basketball coach, Varnum Public Schools; Pam Fletcher, basketball and softball coach, Seminole Public Schools; Jeff Shelton, football coach, Strother Schools; Lincoln Dearing, football and baseball coach, Seminole High School.

SENTINEL – Tatum Ridling, girls’ basketball coach, Sentinel Public Schools; Seth Wulfert, basketball coach, Sentinel Public Schools.

SHATTUCK – Troy Bullard, softball and football coach, Shattuck Public Schools; Travis Oakley, baseball and softball coach, Shattuck Public Schools.

SKIATOOK – Brian Miller, football, track and basketball coach, Skiatook Public Schools; Matt Bragg, football and wrestling coach, Skiatook Public Schools; Casey Paulk, athletic trainer, Skiatook Public Schools.

SMITHVILLE – Sarah Morgan, softball and basketball coach, Smithville High School.

SPERRY – Cole Fancher, fast-pitch softball coach, Sperry Public Schools.

SPIRO – Jarrett Cannon, football, basketball,  baseball and softball coach, Spiro Public Schools; David Hogan, football, wrestling and track coach, Spiro Public Schools.

STIGLER – Joye Smith, softball coach, Stigler Public Schools; Jeff Walker, basketball coach, Stigler Public Schools.

STILLWATER – Kendra Kilpatrick, basketball coach, Stillwater High School; Stephen Castlebury, basketball coach, Glencoe Public Schools.

STRATFORD – Tony Prichard, softball coach, Stratford Public Schools.

SWEETWATER – Carol Craven, boys' basketball coach, Sweetwater Public Schools.

TAHLEQUAH – Rickey Bruner Jr., basketball coach, Tahlequah High School.

TECUMSEH – Jason Murray, head football coach, Tecumseh Public Schools; Chuck Peot, football coach, Tecumseh Public Schools.

TEMPLE – Ron Suter, girls' basketball and softball coach, Temple Public Schools; Kyle Bentley, football and baseball coach, Temple Public Schools; Warren Butler, athletic director and football and track coach, Temple Public Schools.

THOMAS – Lianna Mueller, softball coach, Thomas Public Schools; Kendra Jones, basketball coach, Thomas Public Schools.

TIPTON – Teddy White, football and girls' basketball coach, Tipton Public Schools.

TISHOMINGO – Larry Wood, cross country, basketball and track coach, Tishomingo Public Schools.

TONKAWA – Scott Howell, basketball and baseball coach, Tonkawa Public Schools.

TULSA – Shane Wise, volleyball coach, Berryhill High School; Clay Wyse, football, wrestling and track coach, Berryhill Public Schools; Brian Bullock, cross country and wrestling coach, Berryhill Public Schools; Larry Buckley II, football coach, Tulsa Edison Prep; Isaiah Irvin, football coach, Tulsa Edison Prep; Jim Shields, wrestling coach, Edison High School; Edwin Ashley, head boys' and girls' track coach, Edison High School; Traci Robertson, cheer coach, Hale Junior High School; John Timmons, football and soccer coach, Will Rogers High School; Adam Bishop, football and girls’ basketball coach, Regent Preparatory School; Jarvis Payne, head football, boys’ track coach, McLain High School; Chad Wilkerson, basketball coach, Lincoln Christian School; Joshua McGee, basketball coach and athletic director, Nathan Hale High School; Gil Cloud, director of secondary school student activities and athletics, Tulsa Public Schools; David Miller, football and baseball coach, Union Eighth Grade Center; Benny Dixon, retired athletic director, Union Public Schools; Stephanie Landers, basketball coach, Union 8th Grade and Grove Elementary School; Philip Montgomery, head football coach, University of Tulsa; Ed Calhoon, girls' basketball coach, Victory Christian School; Austin Jarvis, baseball and softball coach, Victory Christian School; Gregory Nash, track coach, Booker T. Washington High School; and Joseph Redmond, basketball and baseball coach, Booker T. Washington High School.

TURPIN – Brandi Parker, basketball, track and cross country coach, Turpin School; Braydon Robinson, basketball and baseball coach, Turpin School; Julie Robinson, cheerleading coach, Turpin School.

VERDIGRIS – SuzAnn Hawkins-Worley, cheer coach, Verdigris School.

VINITA – Mike Christy, football, power lifting and track coach, Vinita High School; Bobby Floyd, football coach, Vinita High School.

WAGONER – Zack Ange, basketball, volleyball and tennis coach, Wagoner Public Schools; Scott Patton, former middle school football coach.

WANETTE – Hallea Middleton, softball and basketball coach, Wanette High School.

WARNER – Ron Coppedge, football coach, Warner Public Schools.

WARR ACRES – Zack Meinecke, football and basketball coach, Putnam City Public Schools.

WAUKOMIS – Paul Raupe, football, power lifting and track coach, Pioneer-Pleasant Vale Public Schools.

WAURIKA – Bobby Moore, basketball, head girls’ softball and golf coach, Waurika Public Schools; Glenn Howard, football and baseball coach, Waurika High School; Sloan Lewis, softball and basketball coach, Waurika Public Schools.

WAYNOKA – Beau Westfahl, football coach, Waynoka Public Schools; Scott Kysar, head football and head track coach, Waynoka High School; Tim Crissup, football and track coach, Waynoka High School and Waynoka Junior High.

WEATHERFORD – Kyle Mickley, volleyball, girls’ golf coach, Weatherford Public Schools; Lindsey Mickley, volleyball and basketball coach, Weatherford Public Schools; Ricky Morris, softball coach, Weatherford High School; Nathan Davenport, football and baseball coach, Weatherford Public Schools; Tanner Thompson, football and basketball coach, Weatherford Public Schools.

WELEETKA – Tony Hawkins, football coach, Weleetka Public Schools.

WETUMKA – Josh Howk, basketball and softball coach, Wetumka Public Schools; Larry Crenshaw, football, power lifitng and track coach, Wetumka Public Schools; Johnie Loggins, football, basketball, track and power lifting coach, Wetumka Public Schools.

WEWOKA – Steven Edwards, principal, Wewoka High School.

WHITESBORO – Bryan Cartwright, baseball coach, Whitesboro Public Schools.

WOODWARD – Greg Uribe, girls’ basketball and track coach, Woodward Public Schools; Shelby Ford, basketball and softball coach, Woodward High School; Kinzie Didier, girls’ basketball coach, Woodward Public Schools.

WYANDOTTE – Jeanie Siegrist, cross country and track coach, Wyandotte Public Schools.

YALE – Chance Batey, football and baseball coach, Yale High School.

YUKON – Brent Melton, football coach, Yukon Public Schools; Katy Hoke, softball coach, Yukon High School; Bryan Jarrett, football and wrestling coach, Yukon Middle School; Mark Zadorozny, basketball coach, Yukon Middle School; Joseph Schneider, wrestling coach, Yukon High School; Derek Lane, football and track coach, Yukon High School; Craig Hubbard, football coach, Yukon High School; Derek Dennis, football and track coach, Yukon Middle School; Josh Hardie, football coach, Yukon Middle School; William Cantwell, football coach, Yukon High School; William Cantwell Sr., volunteer football coach, Yukon High School; Steve Scott, girls’ soccer coach, Yukon High School; Matt Cook, boys’ cross country and boys’ soccer coach, Yukon High School; Kaycee Boles, softball, basketball and track coach, Yukon Middle School; Alexis Wales, volleyball coach, Yukon Middle School; Kevin James, baseball coach, Yukon High School; Amy Bowles, assistant cross country and track and field coach, Yukon High School; Kelly Middendorf, girls’ golf coach, Yukon High School; Mike Clark, athletic director, Yukon Public Schools; Dain Foster, athletic trainer, Yukon Public Schools; Rachel Allred, volleyball coach, Yukon High School; Arturo Alcala, girls’ soccer coach; Yukon Public Schools; Kevin Ritter, junior varsity boys’ basketball coach and varsity assistant coach, Yukon High School.