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4-H Tribal Mentoring Program

Wesley Bain, Lindsay Carter and David Yonker
4-H Tribal Mentoring Program, Calvin 

Wesley Bain
The 4-H Tribal Mentoring Program of Calvin has named Wesley Bain, Lindsay Carter and David Yonker as its Outstanding Mentors for Oklahoma Mentor Day at the Capitol.

The students, who are seniors at Calvin High School, became involved in Calvin 4-H when they were in elementary school and have grown to become mentors themselves and give back to the organization, said Debbie Wilson, extension program assistant for 4-H Tribal Youth. Each of the students has been active in 4-H at the local, county, district and state levels.

Lindsay Carter
Lindsay Carter
The 4-H Tribal Mentoring Program is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs and provides one-to-one and group 4-H mentoring activities for Native American youth.

Wesley, Lindsay and David enrolled in the Tribal 4-H program in 2012 as mentees and became mentors two years ago, serving younger students in fifth through eighth grade.

David Yonker
“They help with our after-school program, attend field trips, 4-H events and summer camps to help with their mentees and serve as group mentors for our entire 4-H group,” Debbie said. “Their leadership and dedication to the Calvin 4-H Program has been outstanding!”

Wesley and Lindsay are planning to attend college after graduation, while David plans to join the workforce.

“They are great examples of young people following the 4-H motto and ‘making the best better,’” Debbie added.