Allison Burkhead

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day


Allison Burkhead (center), a volunteer for PAL Project Mentoring Program, Volunteers for Youth, Claremore, receives an Outstanding Mentor Award from Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence President Craig Story (right) and foundation trustee and mentoring advocate Molly Boren (second from right). Joining in the presentation are Mentor Day keynote speaker and author Alton Carter (left) and mentee Paige Wrana. Oklahoma Mentor Day, sponsored by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and its David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative, honors outstanding Oklahoma youth mentors and promotes the value of mentoring. (Photo by Travis Caperton)

Allison Burkhead

PAL Project Mentoring Program
Volunteers for Youth, Claremore

The Volunteers for Youth program in Claremore has named Allison Burkhead as its PAL Project Mentoring Program’s outstanding mentor.

The PAL Project is a school-based mentoring program that matches Rogers County public school students with caring adult mentors. The mentor strives to be the student’s friend, role model, motivator and personal advocate.

Allison has been a PAL Project mentor for two years and is still matched with her original mentee Paige, a tenth-grader at Claremore High School.

“She has let me in and allowed me to have such an impact on her life so far,” Allison said. “She knows she can talk to me about anything and I will listen to her and talk WITH her about things and not AT her. She talks about family, friends, school, boys…you name it, and she’ll talk about it.”

Recently, Allison and Paige re-purposed a chair to be auctioned at the Volunteers for Youth Chair-ity Auction. Allison used this time to talk to Paige about the benefit of giving back to those who have helped you, and the value of reasonability and common courtesy.

Allison said that since being matched with Paige, she has grown as a person and now considers her a role model to others.

“Allison Burkhead is our mentor of the year because she is a representative of what all of the best mentors know: that these children are worth it, and they bring out the best in us all,” said Celina Davis, director for PAL Mentoring Project.