Emily Ash

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Emily Ash

STIRRUPS Mentoring Program
Will Rogers College High School, Tulsa

The STIRRUPS Mentoring Program at Will Rogers College High School in Tulsa has selected Emily Ash as its outstanding mentor for Oklahoma Mentor Day.

STIRRUPS was launched by the Will Rogers Community Foundation Inc. and the Will Rogers Community in Schools program in 2015.  The mentoring program matches alumni, local church volunteers, and University of Tulsa students with seventh- through twelfth-grade students during advisory classes.

Emily has been matched with her mentee, Clytie, a ninth-grader at Will Rogers College High School for three months. They meet weekly.

“Immediately after their first mentoring session, her mentee, Clytie, had a huge smile on her face walking the school hallway,” said Susan Mulvaney, site coordinator.

Prior to being matched, Clytie was often unhappy and did not want to be in school. It was difficult being in a new school and making friends was not easy.

“Emily has become a steadfast person in Clytie’s life and has made a difference in the overall emotional well-being of an unsure freshman,” Mulvaney said.

Emily often brings treats for Clytie to help her feel special. She also volunteered at the school during a recent financial literacy event to help students, including her mentee, make sound financial choices.

Emily is a junior at The University of Tulsa where she is majoring in psychology with a minor in advertising.