Jeremy Brewer

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day


Jeremy Brewer (second from left), a volunteer for Tulsa’s Pocket Player Mentors, a Pocket Full of Hope, receives an Outstanding Mentor Award from Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence President Craig Story (right) and foundation trustee and mentoring advocate Molly Boren. Joining in the presentation is Mentor Day keynote speaker and author Alton Carter (left). Oklahoma Mentor Day, sponsored by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and its David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative, honors outstanding Oklahoma youth mentors and promotes the value of mentoring. (Photo by Travis Caperton)

Jeremy Brewer

Pocket Player Mentors
A Pocket Full of Hope

A Pocket Full of Hope has named longtime participant Jeremy Brewer as its outstanding mentor for the Oklahoma Mentor Day.

Pocket Player Mentors is designed to help youth develop life-skills and knowledge using music, theater and dance. Since 2000, the program has served more than 5,000 youths, aged seven to 12 years, from Tulsa and Osage counties.

“Jeremy was chosen because of his dedication to a Pocket Full of Hope and for his many volunteer hours even though he has to report to his Army Reserve duties once a month,” said Lester Shaw, founder and executive director. “He started volunteering as a security officer but has since added tutoring, social skills building and recruitment to his arsenal of mentoring qualities.”

Jeremy joined the program when he was 11 years old as a participant and now volunteers more than 20 hours a week mentoring younger students. Jeremy was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army and now serves in the Army Reserves.