Kiley Landburg

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Kiley Landburg

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Catoosa High School’s Students as Mentors (SAM) Program has selected senior Kiley Landburg as its outstanding mentor for Oklahoma Mentor Day.

The Students as Mentors Program matches upperclassmen students at Catoosa High School with incoming freshmen. “Advocacy” mentors are selected by teachers and matched with three to four students in their advisory group. The mentors help the students adapt to high school life and include them in school spirit projects and college preparation activities.

The mentor program that Kiley is in has 68 mentors; each mentor has 10-14 freshman students as mentees.

“Kiley has been a mentor for three years and has been a joy to have in the Advocacy program at Catoosa High School,” said Bridget Tognazzini, school librarian. “Kiley has strong leadership skills that prevail when she helps teach lessons in class.”

Kiley has also co-lead the SAM mentor program this year including helping to organize and communicate with the mentors.

In addition to being a mentor, Kiley has many other school obligations and she is enrolled in concurrent college courses.

“She is a great asset to the mentor program, it has been a pleasure to have her in our program,” Tognazzini added.