Marty Ashpaugh

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Marty Ashpaugh

Merritt Mentors
Merritt Public Schools

Merritt Mentors has named local Elk City business owner, Marty Ashpaugh, as its outstanding mentor for Oklahoma Mentor Day.

Merritt Public Schools started the mentoring program in 2015, which pairs Pre-K-12 grade students with a mentor for weekly 30 minute sessions.

Marty was one of the first mentors to sign up. “He came in with the desire to help, whoever and whenever needed. We quickly paired him with a young boy named Newt,” said Devon Cantrell, program coordinator.

Newt is a fifth grader and has been Marty’s mentee for over a year.  The pair likes to talk and play board games together –however, Marty always makes sure Newt knows that work comes before play.

Since the match began, Cantrell has noticed a positive difference in Newt.  Marty has even helped Newt increase his confidence.

 “Marty provides Newt with the push he needs to be successful and to excel,” Cantrell said. “He is an outlet for Newt to communicate with and to help solve problem situations at home and at school.”

Recently, Newt changed school districts and is not part of an active mentoring program.  Even so, Marty is committed to visiting Newt once a week at his new school.