Rob Cummins

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Rob Cummins

SB Crew
The Carver Early Childhood Center, Enid

The Carver Early Childhood Center’s SB Crew has selected Rob Cummins as its outstanding mentor of the year.

The SB Crew is a group of men from the Enid community who have committed to share themselves with the children at the Carver Early Childhood Center. Rob has been a member of the SB Crew since the Carver Early Childhood Center was founded three years ago.

Rob volunteers weekly in the Blue Room, which is the pre-K classroom at Carver. He regularly works with about 22 children in the class.

“For our many children in poverty, Rob serves as possibly their first role model of a male who can be trusted and shows kindness,” said Christine Smith, director of early childhood at the center.

“You might find him reading to the entire class or working one-on-one with individual kids. He may be playing a game, teaching a learning activity, rewarding with M&Ms, or listening and talking to build vocabulary and self-esteem. The kids might be struggling to learn, requiring enrichment, or needing the care and support of a compassionate adult role model, and he fills that need.”

However, Rob’s impact is school-wide.  He built a tricycle path for the children to ride their bikes on after he realized they didn’t have one. He organized a Donor’s Choose project to meet the educational needs of the Blue Room. More recently, after a trip to Tulsa, Rob brought back learning materials for the children.

“They are always on his mind, far beyond the hour a week he has committed to,” Smith said.