Steve Nguyen

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Steve Nguyen

Young People of the Next Generation, Tulsa

Steve Nguyen, coordinator of the Emergency Medical Services Program at Tulsa Tech, is the honored mentor for Young People of the Next Generation (YPNG), a program that provides teens and young adults with the information they need to research the many career options available, the training and skills that are required, and each individual career’s economic prospects. YPNG utilizes web-based mentor podcasts and videos, as well as virtual classrooms to share information about their career journeys.

Nguyen’s YPNG mentor interview was published last March on YPNG’s website as a written interview and later as an audio podcast. They have been viewed and heard over 2,000 times, making Nguyen one of the most popular mentors on the website.

Like many young people, Nguyen was not sure what he wanted to do when he graduated from high school, but he knew he wanted a career doing something that would give him passion, pride and purpose, what he called his “three P’s.” He decided to get an EMT certification during his junior year at OU, where he was pursuing a degree in accounting. In emergency medical, he found the “three P’s” he was looking for helping people in medical emergencies. He later combined this passion with the passion he found he had for teaching.

In his mentor interview, Nguyen gives real-life examples of how a career in the emergency medical field is both physically and mentally demanding but also very rewarding because of the satisfaction of being able to help other people when they are having a medical emergency and are their most vulnerable.

“One of the things that gives Steve the most pride as an instructor is seeing the effect he can have on his students,” said Bill Langdon, president and founder of YPNG. “For example, a student in his first class became one of the youngest fire department’s captains at age of 30. Several of his students have received national awards from the Health Organization of Students of America (HOSA), and Steve has watched them go on and build successful careers.

“Steven will also continue to be a positive role model for Oklahoma’s young people as a YPNG Mentor by participating in our new virtual classrooms, a technology that will let YPNG Mentors interact with many more students,” Langdon added.

About the Program: Young People of the Next Generation (YPNG) uses modern technology to connect young people with mentors who will motivate them to build a record of achievement in high school and get additional education and training. YPNG Mentors also help students make a good career choice by exposing them to a wide variety of career opportunities and the realities of working in those careers and by showing them how to create a plan to reach their career goals. The YPNG program uses virtual classrooms with no more than five students interacting with one mentor. YPNG also does interviews with YPNG Mentors that are part of our Mentor Library, where students can research various careers.