Aaron Hall

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Aaron Hall

World Baseball Outreach, Tulsa

Aaron Hall has been with World Baseball Outreach RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) Tulsa since 2011. Taking time out of his job as a customer service merchandizing specialist for Frito Lay, he has coached a team of 7-year-olds each year, garnering praise for his patience, dedication and positive impact.

Holly Moreland, facilities director and RBI league coordinator, who nominated Hall for the program’s Outstanding Mentor of the Year honor along with World Baseball Outreach founder Jerry Jacobson, adds “energy” and “positive personality” to the list of adjectives used to describe Hall. “Aaron has always been an example. He is not only an example to our youth, but to other coaches and mentors who are newer to our program,” she says.

For Hall, coaching is not only fun, but an opportunity to teach the boys life skills and ideas on how to implement what he teaches into their daily lives.

“Coach Aaron pushes us and tells us not to give up on anything. He tells us to work hard for it,” says mentee Adrian.

Asked what he has most gained from this mentoring experience, Hall’s response was succint, though the humor behind it is obvious: “It has taught me patience.”

About the Program: World Baseball Outreach is a faith-based nonprofit organization in Tulsa that provides mentoring and teaches leadership to youth through baseball.