Board Leadership

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence

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Board Leadership

One of the keys to the foundation’s success is the leadership of our 180 trustees. These leaders in business, education and public service represent every region of the state and help promote the foundation’s mission and its programs. Among the trustees is a core management committee, which oversees the organization’s budget and administration, and an executive committee, which oversees programming.

Executive Committee

David L. Boren, Chairman

Cathryn Render, President

Jami Rhoades Antonisse, President-Elect

Steve Burrage, Secretary-Treasurer

Teresa B. Adwan
Randy Baker
Claudia Holdridge Bartlett
Bruce T. Benbrook
Ken Busby
Jenny Dakil
Leslie Daugherty
Anil V. Gollahalli
John R. Hargrave
Deanne Dutton Hughes
Paige L. Johnson
Farooq S. Karim
Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Ken Miller
Andrew J. Morris
Lisa Pryor
M. Susan Savage
Neil P. Schemmer
Joe Siano
D. Craig Story
Scott Thompson
Susan I. Thurmond
Laurie Tilley
Sandy Werner