Jamie Adamson and Michael Cramer and Jane Lam

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Oklahoma Mentor Day

Jamie Adamson and Michael Cramer and Jane Lam

Chesapeake Energy Mentoring Program, Oklahoma City

Chesapeake Energy Mentoring Program is honoring three employees, Jamie Adamson, Michael Cramer and Jane Lam, for their exceptional multi-year commitments to mentoring students at Horace Mann Elementary School in Oklahoma City. The company is currently in its 24th year of sponsoring employee mentoring at Horace Mann.

“These mentors visit the school each week to spend time with their mentees,” said Horace Mann Principal Mitchell Ruzzoli. “The students cherish this one-on-one time and look forward to the weekly visits.  The impact is unmeasurable, but we know how crucial it is for each student to have positive, adult role models to speak to on a regular basis – someone other than their teacher or other typical adults in their daily lives.”

Adamson, a manager for IT Field Production Services, has been a Chesapeake employee for 11 years. He was matched to his first mentee, Celesse, from the time she was in Pre-K until she matriculated to middle school in 2017. He now has a new mentee, Khai. Adamson said he loved listening and talking with his mentees about things that happened both in and out of school. Some of his favorite memories were reconnecting with them after summer break or long holidays and watching them open gifts at the Mentor/Mentee Christmas party.

“Building relationships with these children while supporting our public education system and our teachers gives me great pleasure,” Adamson said. “I have two younger children of my own, and that has been helpful to relate to these kids and what they may be going through.”

Cramer, a 15-year employee and forensic analyst, was matched with his first mentee, Khup, for five years and is now serving a new student, William. Cramer enjoys playing Snowman (a modern-day version of the old hangman guessing game he played as a kid). The students love the game, and it teaches them vocabulary and mental processing skills.

“I like listening to my students and providing them encouragement,” Cramer said. “I truly believe my students can be whatever they set their mind to, and I remind them of that each time I see them.”

Cramer said he gains as much from mentoring as his mentees do.

“There are some things I do in this world that take a little time and commitment, but they are valuable to me and they make me feel better about myself when I participate in them,” he said.  “Going to the gym, going to church, and mentoring are three of these things that come to mind.   All three of these things lift my spirits when I do them.”

Chesapeake’s third honoree, Lam, is a 12-year employee and senior application system analyst. She was matched with her first mentee, Kelly, for seven years and has been matched to her current mentee, Mayte, for two years. She enjoys doing year-end outings with the students and watching them learn and grow over the years.

“It makes me feel good knowing I can positively impact the kids I have mentored,” she said. “There was one little girl I mentored from Pre-K all the way through sixth grade. It’s amazing seeing her progress throughout the years, from learning how to write her name and read to learning geometry. She was such a shy girl and barely spoke to me when we first met. By second or third grade, she would voluntarily tell me all about her weekends or anything on her mind.”

About the Program: In the last 24 years, Chesapeake has built one of the largest mentoring programs in the state, enabling nearly 150 employees to visit one-on-one with elementary and high school students during their workdays. In part due to this mentoring commitment, Chesapeake was named Oklahoma City Public Schools’ large business Community Partner of the Year in 2017.