Alie Parkhurst

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Alie Parkhurst

Principal’s Leadership Council (PLC), Cheyenne High School, Cheyenne

Cheyenne High School Principal’s Leadership Council Mentor of the Year is Alie Parkhurst, a CHS sophomore. Parkhurst was not only nominated by her mentee, Rylee, but also by other seventh-grade students in the program.

“Rylee brags that her ‘Big,’ Alie, always helps her make sure her locker is neat and organized. Alie checks in with her “Little” to see if she needs help with school work or just chats with her on a regular basis,” said High School Principal Whitney Moore. “As a sophomore, Alie is an amazing young leader in our school and is helping to shape many seventh-graders into future leaders as well.”

Moore said Parkhurst has had a major impact on how well her mentee has adjusted to junior high. She regularly checks in on her about homework, grades, social life, organization and just “life in general.” She teaches her how to check her grades online, leaves notes of encouragement in her locker, and socializes with her during lunch and off periods.

“Alie has been a positive addition to this organization,” Moore added. “She has volunteered for every event and task in which we are involved. She maintains a positive attitude and has a smile that is contagious. She is very driven and dedicated to completing the task at hand.”

Parkhurst is active in athletics, while Rylee enjoys band and cheerleading. Moore said Rylee has excellent grades and attendance this year, thanks in part to Parkhurst’s encouragement. Being involved in the program has also helped Parkhurst gain confidence and a sense of belonging.

“This match would not have happened without the Big/Little program,” Moore said. “Now, the two have a lasting bond that will benefit both students throughout high school.”

About the Program: Cheyenne’s Principal’s Leadership Council helps students develop leadership skills by planning school activities and community service projects. Among the activities is a Big and Little peer mentoring program that matches high school students with seventh-graders to help them transition to middle school.