Angie Gilbert

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Angie Gilbert

Authentic Girl Mentoring Program, House of Healing, El Reno

When the House of Healing selects volunteers for its Authentic Girl Mentoring Program, it seeks women of faith who are able to connect well with teenage girls – women who have compassion, are consistent, speak the truth and persevere. Outstanding Mentor Angie Gilbert does all this and more, said program director Kathy Boeckman.

“Angie is the mentor everyone wants to work with,” Boeckman said, noting that Angie supports all activities of House of Healing. “She is at the retreats, making sure that all of the girls are participating and feel included in activities. She always brings a cheerful attitude to the events. She is a role model not only to mentors, but also for all who are fortunate enough to spend time with her.”

Since 2015, Gilbert has mentored two young women, Angela, now 18, and Sierra, a high school junior, helping to instill values and confidence in her mentees.

“The main reason I mentor is because of the opportunity to invest and love on a teenager,” Gilbert said. “With my background, I can’t help but think of how different my own life could have been if I had a mentor when I was a teenager. I can share God’s word and try to be an example for them, and it gives me a chance to do life with them.”

Gilbert, a resident of Yukon, is controller for Summit Supply Inc. and also works part-time for Adventures in Catering.

About the program: Authentic Girl is a faith-based program serving teenaged girls who are struggling or hurting. Its goal is to promote healthy decision making, life skills and confidence. The five-component program includes classes on identity, healthy relationships and decision-making; Bible study; large-group activities and service projects, one-on-one mentoring; and an equine experience.  The ministry also includes classes and support for parents.