Angie Olson

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Oklahoma Mentor Day

Angie Olson

SeeWorth Foundation, Oklahoma City

In the three years she has mentored Rosamaria at SeeWorth Academy, Angie Olson has exerted a tremendous influence, inspiring her mentee to work harder in school, do better at home and show kindness to peers.

Olson enjoys playing games with her mentee, as well as talking with her about life and faithfulness, says Deonte Collier, SeeWorth Academy men’s director of programming, noting that they have a great connection despite having very different backgrounds and experiences. Olson also reports gaining a new perspective through her relationship with Rosamaria.

“We here at the SeeWorth Foundation chose Angie Olson as our Outstanding Mentor of the Year because she is faithful and has been serving here as a mentor for years,” Collier writes. “Angie has shown herself time and time again to be a person who works with integrity in regard to being a committed member of our mentoring team.”

About the Program: Founded in 2007, the mission of the Justice Alma Wilson SeeWorth Foundation is to provide students at the Charter School with the skills, knowledge and values to become competent, productive citizens; to serve the whole child. The foundation exists to tear down risks and turn dares into dreams.