Anita Reynolds

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Anita Reynolds

Jacob's Ladder Foundation, Stroud

Dr. Anita Reynolds, retired campus director for Central Technology Center, has devoted her career to educating Oklahomans and continues that effort as a mentor for Jacob’s Ladder Foundation, a community-supported after-school program serving children in first through third grades.

“Dr. Reynolds truly understands how important a good grasp of reading is for the students to have continued success,” said Jacob’s Ladder Foundation founder Kim Wheeler. “She demonstrates her commitment to this program each week by reading and sharing with our mentees. She is one of the most dependable volunteers we have.”

Children are referred to the Jacob’s Ladder Foundation by their classroom teachers, who recognize the child’s need for a structured environment to complete school studies and also to receive help in basic reading and math skills, Wheeler said.

Reynolds enjoys reading with the children and helping them understand what they are reading. She wants them to enjoy life through books as she does, Wheeler said.  In addition, Reynolds volunteers to help with fundraising projects for Jacob’s Ladder and is a generous donor to the organization herself.

“The children adore and truly appreciate Dr. Reynolds' time and personality,” Wheeler added. “Both share their love and appreciation for each other during their time at Jacob’s Ladder Foundation and when they see each other at the store, church and school events.”

Marilyn Wheeler of Jacob’s Ladder Foundation described Reynolds as “the most compassionate and fun volunteer the children could have. She loves to read and shares that passion with our children.”


About the Program: Jacob’s Ladder Foundation is a community-supported educational after-school program designed to enrich elementary-age children identified with learning problems. Only children with learning challenges, identified and recommended by their regular classroom teachers, are accepted into the program.