Brody Corbett

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Brody Corbett

Elementary Spanish Mentor Program, Norman High School, Norman

Thanks to the efforts of Brody Corbett, a volunteer in Norman High School’s Elementary Spanish Mentor Program, more than 50 elementary students in Norman are being introduced to Spanish language instruction.

Corbett is one of 42 Norman High student volunteers teaching Spanish in five elementary schools, which impacts the learning of more than 400 students. Spanish teacher Darcy Pippins, who founded the program, said Corbett has been a student in her Spanish III and Advanced Placement Language and Culture classes.

“Brody has immersed himself in Spanish,” Pippins said. “He only communicates with me in Spanish and seeks out opportunities outside of class to practice his Spanish. He has dedicated himself to the Spanish Mentor Program for two years now, impacting the learning of over 50 elementary students in Norman that would otherwise not receive any language instruction.

Corbett volunteers once a week before school and plans his own lessons to provide Spanish instruction to fourth- and fifth-graders.

“They LOVE him!” Pippins said. “He is a great mentor to these students. They can see in him what they will one day become – a dedicated and passionate student.”

About the Program: Norman High’s Elementary Spanish Mentor Program is a school-based, peer mentoring program that assigns upper level Spanish language students to local elementary schools. The volunteers teach for 30 minutes each week and are responsible for their own lesson plans. The program, which has impacted more than 400 students, earned the 2016 Global Engagement Award from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.