Cassi Jo Schriefer

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Cassi Jo Schriefer

Cassie’s Kids, Main Street Guymon

Main Street Guymon has selected Cassi Jo Schriefer of Guymon as its outstanding mentor honoree for Cassie’s Kids, a mentoring program for junior high girls.

Cassi Jo, a senior account executive for Elanco, first approached the Main Street Guymon office two years ago about volunteering and expressed an interest in mentoring junior high girls.  While Main Street Guymon had other mentoring programs, it didn’t have one targeting middle school girls, so Main Street Guymon Director Melyn Johnson encouraged Cassi to start a new program.

With help from the Boren Mentoring Initiative, Cassie Jo received the training and resources she needed to start a new program, which was sponsored by Main Street Guymon. She organized the program, recruited volunteers, and met with the school principal and counselor, who were very receptive.

“Cassi Jo received two girls to mentor, and from that day forward those girls have been part of her life,” Melyn said. “Whether it’s working on homework or going to get their nails done, Cassie Jo and the girls have bonded. The love and respect between them is amazing and wonderful.”

Cassi Jo sees her mentees every week and constantly encourages them to do their best in school and be the best person they can be, Melyn added. “She is a responsible, caring and dependable person – a perfect example to follow.”

Throughout the process, Cassi Jo has been the organizer and encourager of other mentors in the program. In fact the program is named in honor of her and as a memorial to another young woman named Cassie, thus the name Cassie’s Kids.

“Cassi Jo’s positive attitude and high morals are wonderful, but her organizational skills are absolutely phenomenal,” Melyn said. “She is young and knows what her girls will enjoy. It is wonderful to watch and be a part of her endeavor.”