Catarina Diaz

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Catarina Diaz

Tribal 4-H Youth Mentoring Program, Calvin

Calvin High School senior Catarina Diaz has been active in the 4-H Tribal Mentoring program in Calvin for eight years. She benefited as a mentee herself and then decided to give back to the program four years ago by being a mentor to younger members.        

“Catarina has been a valuable asset to our program,” said Extension Program Assistant Debbie Wilson. “She has faithfully attended our weekly 4-H after-school program and has helped in any way needed along with serving as an excellent mentor to younger 4-H members.  She has also helped with field trips and events in our local and county 4-H program.”

The daughter of Brandy Turpin and Anthony Bastardo, Diaz is a salutatorian of her senior class and a member of National Honor Society. She is a Hughes County Hall of Fame honoree and serves as Calvin 4-H president. She is also active in softball, cheer, Future Farmers of America and her church youth group.

“Catarina has been a pleasure to work with and is a great example for other 4-H members to follow,” Wilson added. “She has been dedicated to the 4-H program and to the younger members she has mentored.”

About the Program: The 4-H Tribal Mentoring Program is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs and provides one-to-one and group 4-H mentoring activities for Native American youth.