Chelsea Streets

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Chelsea Streets

Chemical Engineering Student Mentor Program, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

OSU’s Chemical Engineering Student Mentor Program is honoring recent graduate Chelsea Streets of Tulsa for providing organization and stability that enabled the peer mentoring program to succeed.

“Chelsea created an effective matching process that connected volunteer senior chemical engineering majors with junior chemical engineering majors in their first year of the major’s professional school,” said Lance Millis, director of Student Academic Services for the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. “This process, along with securing more volunteer mentors, made the program stronger and more effective.”

Not only did Streets help organize the program, but she was also an outstanding “mentor to mentors,” advising fellow senior volunteers. She facilitated a direct connection between the Chemical Engineering Mentor Student Mentoring Program and an existing student honors organization, Omega Chi Epsilon, which created a permanent home and revenue source for the mentoring program. She also used a Myers-Briggs type personality test as well as survey of interests and hobbies to match seniors with their junior mentees.

“It was heartwarming to have both mentors and mentees express how much they liked their mentorship match,” Millis added. “On several occasions, not only did they enjoy their mentor or mentee, but they were actually becoming good friends outside the program.”

One of Streets favorite events was the fall picnic hosted by the American Institute for Chemical Engineering. During the picnic, mentor/mentee matches met for the first time and had the opportunity to socialize, play games and have fun. Streets said leading the Chemical Engineering Student Mentor Program was one of the most rewarding activities of her senior year at OSU.

“The mentorship program allowed me to help students feel comfortable and confident while they entered their most challenging year of the chemical engineering degree program,” Streets said. “It supplied me with valuable leadership experience and helped me get a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful mentor.”

About the Program: OSU senior chemical engineering majors who are active members of Omega Chi Epsilon (a chemical engineering honor society) serve as mentors and guides for junior chemical engineering majors through the difficult transition to and rigorous demands of the professional school (the last two years of the major).