Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Colonial American History Education

If you are hosting a Colonial Day for a large group of students, such as all fifth-graders in your district, you may want to seek community support in providing a free or low-cost space for your event. You will want to find spaces that can accommodate large and small group activities. Possible locations may include:
  • A county courthouse - Like the State Capitol, many of Oklahoma’s county courthouses provide a great setting for Colonial Day, with their historical architecture and their daily role in American civics. In additions, the courtrooms provide excellent spaces for large group activities like opening events like a Patriot-Loyalist debate or historical character presentations.
  • A community center
  • A community or regional college or university
  • A hotel conference center
  • A museum or historical center
TIP: If a business or organization provides free or low-cost space for your Colonial Day, you will want to recognize them in your publicity, as well as at your event.