Christy Stanley

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Christy Stanley

Miller Mentors, Yukon Public Schools

Christy Stanley, a Yukon realtor, has been recognized for her exceptional four-year commitment to her mentee, Journie, through the Miller Mentors program sponsored by Yukon Public Schools.

“Christy embodies all that we look for in a mentor,” said Volunteer Programs Coordinator Dianna Mann. “When she mentors, Christy’s empathy and true encouragement is always evident. She has helped her mentee become more confident and taught her how to cope when situations arise in her life. Christy has been there not only week after week, but year after year. She gives hugs, encouragement, and a whole lot of love.”

Stanley said she is grateful for the opportunity to be a mentor and part of Journie’s life.

“There’s nothing better than starting your day with a sweet fifth-grader running down the hall to give you a huge hug and saying, ‘I missed you so much,’” Stanley said. “It certainly puts things in perspective.

School staff praised Stanley for being a consistent and stable role model in Journie’s life, “moving up” with Journie when she transitioned to upper elementary school. Stanley also supports Yukon Public Schools through numerous donations for students such as coats, clothes, and lice kits.

“Christy does not expect anything in return,” Mann said. “She has a kind and humble heart and is most deserving of this award!”

About the Program: Launched in 1996, Miller Mentors is a school-based program working with students who are struggling with self-esteem or family issues. Mentoring takes place during school hours at the student’s school.