Cindy and Lonnie Bartel

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Cindy and Lonnie Bartel

Mission Mentors, Fairview

Cindy and Lonnie Bartel have been selected as the “Mentors of the Year” for Mission Mentors, a non-profit organization that reaches out to students in grades 1 through 12 in Fairview Public Schools.

Cindy Bartel has been instrumental to Mission Mentors since its creation in 2010.  She was a board member from 2010 to 2017 and helped launch the program; observing other model mentor programs, developing the paperwork, and helping to create the original mentor matches along with the many other tasks involved in initiating and maintaining a program.

Not only has Cindy been involved “behind the scenes” of Mission Mentors, but she has been Madisyn’s mentor for eight years. They have developed a bond that has enlightened Madisyn’s life from second grade all the way to high school.

“Cindy is a former pre-school teacher, and her love of children shines through in everything she does,” said Match Support Specialist Randi Lackey. “Her humble generosity and caring nature make it easy for students to developing a trusting relationship with her. We’ve been so blessed to have her as a mentor as well as a board member.” 

Cindy’s husband, Lonnie, has also been active in the program since the beginning. He has been Kenneth’s mentor since 2012 and has taken him to many community activities. When Kenneth was in elementary school, Lonnie Bartel would help him with schoolwork as well as play games. Now that Kenneth is in eighth grade, the program allows or them to spend time off campus enjoying outdoor activities and seeing new places.

“Lonnie and Cindy have really helped both of their mentees academically and socially and have provided a great amount of support throughout the years,” Lackey said. “They have raised four boys and are busy helping with grandchildren, but they always find the time for their mentees. They have also assisted with many of the activities put on by Mission Mentors, including special field trips to their family farm. We really appreciate everything they have done to make our program successful.”

About the Program: School-based Mission Mentors spend one hour a week during the school day to mentor an elementary student. Community-based mentors interact with students from grades 6-12 at least three times a month, often through suggested activities.