Claudine Dickey, Ph.D.

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

Claudine Dickey, Ph.D.

Claudine DickeyKids Hope USA Mentoring Program,
First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City
“Tony,” 13 years old
Six-and-a-half-year match

“Claudine Dickey has been an exemplary mentor for her mentee since 2006. An exceptionally bright child, her mentee is being raised by grandparents. Claudine has worked patiently with her mentee and with the entire family, even counseling a family member on how to enroll in nursing school when the young man expressed an interest in pursuing the profession. (That Dr. Dickey is a nurse who ‘happened into his life’ is an evidence of God's work in the mentoring process.)

"During his first year in middle school, her mentee had a major crisis. Claudine stood by him and the family throughout the situation and his successful reentry into school as she met with school personnel to share her experiences with her mentee to offer support and help. She has been an angel of mercy to this family. She no longer visits his school each week to work with him, but she is still available for social outings, often including her grandson as a companion for her mentee, and to address needs within the family unit. Her mentee is
doing much better in school.

"It would be hard to guess what might have happened to her mentee without Claudine's presence in his young life throughout elementary school and now in middle school.”

Marie Davis
Kids Hope Coordinator
First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City

Marie Davis, Kids Hope USA coordinator; Claudine Dickey, Ph.D., Kids Hope Mentor of the Year; and Cathy Manuel, minister for the community, First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City