Colton Richardson

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Colton Richardson

JCPenney Leadership Program, OU Price College of Business

The JCPenney Leadership Program in OU’s Price College of Business has named Colton Richardson as its outstanding mentor for Oklahoma Mentor Day. Colton is an senior from Tulsa majoring in entrepreneurship and venture management.

The program allows high achieving students to develop their leadership skills and become business leaders. This program is committed to personal growth as well as professional development through the broadening of student perspectives and the strengthening of student business skills.

As student director of Peer Training for the leadership program, Colton has led and mentored the Peer Training team on the delivery and content of new member curriculum for all new associates in the leadership program, said Crystal L. Clayton, program director. He has also served as a role model and advisor for the new cohort of candidate leadership associates accepted into the program.

“In this role, Colton has led and has displayed patience and true leadership as he has worked to lead the new associates through their first semester in the program, and showed grace under pressure as he navigated the peer training team through a successful semester,” Crystal said.

This is Colton’s second year being involved with the Peer Training team. In the 2014-2015 academic year, he served as Peer Trainer, delivering programs to leadership associates in the program and to various student groups in the Price College of Business. He also serves on the JCPenney Leadership Center Student Advisory Board.

“For all these reasons, I gladly nominate Colton Richardson as our outstanding mentor,” Crystal said.