David Tarpenning, Ph.D.

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
2013 Mentors

David Tarpenning, Ph.D.

David Tarpenning, Ph.D., Mentor of the Year 2013University of Oklahoma, Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communications,
College age
Mentoring about 17 years at the University of Oklahoma

“Few instructors are as passionate about supporting their students as David Tarpenning. If I have a question—or even worse, an idea that’s kept me up all night—I know I can find ‘Tarp’ in the agency from dusk till dawn. He listens, guides you through your thinking process and connects you with the right people and tools for success. More importantly, he believes in you even when you don’t. He is my Mentor of the Year for his never-failing belief in what his students can achieve and his never-ending drive to push us there.”

Shiva Stella, age 21

“‘Tarp’ richly deserves this honor.”

Dr. Joe Foote
Dean, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications

“David Tarpenning, instructor of advertising, has been an excellent mentor while I have been a student at the University of Oklahoma. Having had David as a professor in many classes as well as in the student-managed advertising and PR agency, Lindsey + Asp, I hope one day to become such an influence on the young students wishing to pursue a career in advertising as he has had on me. A role model in helping each student strive to succeed in the advertising world, he has molded me into becoming a determined student with great ambitions in the career field of advertising. David Tarpenning has mentored me to set goals and strive to do my best in order to have a successful career in the future.”
Rachel Hornay, age 22

“David Tarpenning has been a mentor to me since the day I entered college. I first sought him out for professional advice, but he has since become a person that I trust to give personal advice as well. He is not only a leader but a friend to the students with whom he interacts. Frequently I have observed students returning to OU and speaking about how he helped them reach their goals. Upon his retirement, OU will not just lose a professor, it will lose an adviser, mentor and friend to students new and old.”

Ryan Kitchens, age 20

“Tarp is one of those rare people you find in life because he is not only a wonderful teacher, but a friend and mentor. He truly cares about the success of his students, and he would go to the end of the world to make sure each and every one of them reached their goals in life; at least that’s how he’s made us feel. We all spend a lot of time in the agency, and to see our advisor stay until nine at night to help with a team project means a great deal to us all. Tarp deserves this award because, in spite of all his duties such as teaching, AD Club, NSAC, Lindsey + Asp, etc., he dedicates his spare time to his students’ success, and an honor such as this would solidify what his students think of him.”

Chelcie Hunt, age 21
Digital Strategist
Lindsey + Asp Advertising and Public Relations Agency

“I was able to work closely with ‘Tarp’ when I first started at Lindsey + Asp as the head of the Video Team. ‘Tarp’ was always dedicated to my and my team’s success. He has perfected the balance between letting his students do things for themselves and providing constant leadership and guidance. I know that my future in the advertising industry can only be greater from knowing ‘Tarp.’”

Sydney Allen, age 20

“David Tarpenning 100% deserves Mentor of the Year. While I have learned a lot here at the University of Oklahoma, I owe a great deal to this man for teaching me so much. In all my years as a student, I have never met a professor that cares as much about his students’ educations and futures as Professor Tarpenning. He is one of the most active, busiest people I know, yet he will drop anything to help you with something or to simply just sit and talk for an hour. Since I entered the advertising program, I as well as many others have considered him a mentor, and I will continue to do so as I enter my career."

Alex Ratcliff, age 22
Creative Director
Lindsey + Asp Advertising and Public Relations Agency

“In my interactions with many of the Lindsey + Asp team assigned to our project, individual students have repeatedly talked about how much ‘Tarp’ has done for them, i.e., how he has gone the extra mile, made responsibility pleasant, exhibited impeccable professionalism and opened doors. In team meetings, he is unique in his humor, understanding of human nature and methods of teaching life lessons as well as academic lessons. These accomplished students like and respect him immensely.”

A Lindsey + Asp Client 2012-13