Debbie Veit

Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma Mentor Day

Debbie Veit

All-Star Tutoring Program
On the Rock Ministries, Bartlesville, OK

Debbie Veit of Bartlesville has been named the outstanding mentor for On the Rock Ministries All-Star Tutoring Program.

The All-Star Tutoring program is one of On the Rock Ministries four after- school programs. Students in grades third through fifth are paired with an adult or high school coach for half-hour tutoring sessions.

In the time Debbie has been with the All-Star Tutoring Program, she has mentored two students: Hunter, a fourth-grader at Ranch Heights Elementary School and Cadence, a third- grader at Hoover Elementary School.

Dixie McClain, tutoring director for On the Rock Ministries, said, “Debbie goes above and beyond what is required of her as a tutor and mentor and shows she really cares for her students.”

Debbie has excelled as a tutor and mentor by doing additional research to learn how to most effectively use Study Island, an educational software system used in the tutoring program, and how to individualize it as needs arise for her students. Debbie also takes extra time to get to know her students and become friends with them.

“Her students’ faces light up when they walk in and see her waiting for them,” Dixie said. “She is consistent, faithful, caring, and understands the importance of what she is doing in shaping these young lives.”